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The Forest of Torian is a location in Zelda's Adventure. It is a densely wooded forest that makes up half of central Tolemac.

Features and Overview[]

The Forest of Torian is a large, densely wooded area that covers the northern half of central Tolemac, and makes up most of the area in that region. It is vastly covered by trees that resemble spruce. Two river streams flow through the area; one originating from the Forest of Canvula to the west, and one from the north. The two rivers eventually meet, before splitting off again into the Meadow of Skotness and towards Vendoss to the east. The Forest can be entered from the south by crossing the river from Great Wimbich, or from the village of Ubato Hills in the east.

The Forest of Torian is the largest woodland in Tolemac, and its many pathways and identical-looking trees give the Forest an almost maze-like appearance. It is most notably the location of the Shrine of Illusion, which is located in the northwest and is in the appearance of a carnival tent. To the northeast are the ruins of what appear to have been a fortress or tower. It is here that Zelda meets Sir Basil, who gives her the Broadsword Spell.

Close to the Forest's center is a Fairy Fountain housing a Fairy, which will replenish Zelda's health when approached. On the eastern side of the north river, an underground tunnel can be found. A Crystal Heart is found deep in its burrows.

White Steed Lodge[]

The White Steed Lodge,[1] also known as the Thieves' Den,[2] is an inn that is located within the Forest of Torian. Similar to the Mobilin's Head Inn in the Plain of Andor, it is a lodge where weary travelers stop to rest, however, its guests are known to be thieves.[3] The Lodge is full when Zelda visits, however, its innkeeper says she is welcomed to stay and rest. Outside the Lodge, a pair of horses can be seen tied up.

A man named Waldensop stands outside of the inn, and warns Zelda not to go inside in fear that she will be robbed. When spoken to a second time, he gives Zelda Aviana's Feather, a Spell, as a token of his affection.



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