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Forest of Findo
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The Forest of Findo is a location in Zelda's Adventure. It is located close to central Tolemac, between the Plain of Andor and the Meadow of Skotness.

Features and Overview

The Forest of Findo is a small forest that is situated between the Plain of Andor to the south, and the Meadow of Skotness to the north. It is Tolemac's smallest forest, consisting of only three screens. The forest can only be accessed once Zelda has obtained the Red Boots in the Shrine of Earth, which are required to cross the river that borders between the southern plain and the forest. At the end of the forest path is a fork in the road; the north exit leads to the Meadow of Skotness, while the eastern path leads to the Great Dry Canyon.

The forest's lone inhabitant is a strange Talking Mushroom with a humanoid face. It provides Zelda with no useful information, and only says that Moblins are "slow and stupid."