This page is about the location from The Wind Waker. For the location from Oracle of Ages, see Fairies' Woods.

The Forest of Fairies is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Located atop a cliff in western Outset Island, the Forest of Fairies is home to a Great Fairy, known as the Fortune Goddess. It is accessible only by traveling to the top of a cliff in eastern Outset. Once there, Link must cross a suspension bridge to the western side of the island. Later in the game, the suspension bridge is broken and Link must use his Deku Leaf and the Wind Waker to fly over the gap. Here, he finds the Forest of Fairies.


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At the beginning of the game, Link travels to the Forest of Fairies to rescue Tetra, who has been kidnapped by the Helmaroc King. After battling some Bokoblins, Link finds Tetra hanging from a tree branch. Before Link can reach her, however, the branch snaps, and she falls to the ground unharmed. The two leave the forest with Gonzo, who had also attempted to save Tetra, but as they cross the bridge, they spot the Helmaroc King grab Link's sister, Aryll, in his talons, and fly off into the distance. As a reward for saving her, Tetra reluctantly offers to bring Link to the Forsaken Fortress, and help him rescue his sister.

Later in the game, Link travels back to the Forest of Fairies to find a Great Fairy Fountain inhabited by the Fortune Goddess. On this trip, the woods are more dangerous; instead of Bokoblins patrolling the grounds, Moblins and Mothulas can be found. Once Link battles his way to the Great Fairy Fountain and blows up the boulder blocking it with the use of a bomb, he speaks with the Fortune Goddess. She gives Link a bigger Wallet to help him in his adventure.

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