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The Forest of Canvula is a location in Zelda's Adventure. It is a forest located in the northwest of Tolemac.

Features and overview[]

The Forest of Canvula is a small forest situated in northwestern Tolemac. Unlike the other forests in Tolemac, it is a desolate woodland with very little trees and is notably located next to a mountain with volcanic activity. In the south, the region's pine trees are abundant as they stretch out from the Forest of Torian to the east. It is here also that a small lake can be found, where the mountain river flows into before continuing into the neighboring woodland. Further up north, however, the trees grow thinner until all that is left is a mountainous plain. This volcanic plain is notably the location of the Shrine of Fire, which has its entrance inside a cave tunnel.

At the forest lake are the ruins of destroyed housings. Two Goblins can be found there, one hiding in one of the houses who wishes to be left alone. The other Goblin is much more welcoming, and gives Princess Zelda the Joust Spell as a token of welcome. Within the mountain area, a shopkeeper can also be found selling a few goods.

To the west of the lake is a small bridge crossing the river. A Crystal Heart can be found hidden in a tree on the other side.