"You filled your bottle with Forest Water! You can use it multiple times, but it loses its forest freshness after just 20 minutes. After that, it becomes normal water."
— In-game description

Forest Water is an item from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is a special type of water that can heal Withered Forest Trees. Forest Water is found within the Forest Haven in the area inhabited by the Great Deku Tree. It can be stored in bottles and transported to outside locations. However, if taken outside the Forest Haven for over twenty minutes (thirty minutes in the remake), it will lose its powers and turn into regular water.

Link uses Forest Water to help the Koroks heal the Withered Forest Trees scattered throughout the Great Sea. If he heals all the trees in time, he is awarded a Piece of Heart. The Forest Water can also be used on the Baba of Kalle Demos to instantly kill it.

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