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Forest Trees are Trees that result from the annual Korok Ceremony, ordained by the Great Deku Tree in The Wind Waker.[name reference needed]


Forest Tree seeds are granted to Koroks following a successful Korok Ceremony in the hopes of spreading Trees across the Great Sea.[1] The Great Deku Tree intends for the new Trees to absorb the water that comprises the Great Sea and eventually reduce it, allowing the residents of the Great Sea to traverse by land to other parts of land that were formerly islands.[2] Forest Trees are also said to be the source of the Great Deku Tree's power, and thus the source of life for the Koroks as well.[3]

When Link first encounters the Great Deku Tree in search of Farore's Pearl, the young hero learns that he cannot be given the Goddess Pearl until the Korok Ceremony is complete.[4] However, the Ceremony cannot be initiated as Makar has gone missing,[5] requiring Link to enter the Forbidden Woods and retrieve him. After Makar is rescued from Kalle Demos, the Koroks perform the Ceremony, preparing the Great Deku Tree to release the seeds for the Forest Trees before sending the Koroks out into the Great Sea to search for islands to plant them.

Later, Link encounters the Koroks that flew across the Great Sea and finds that the seeds have grown into saplings. However, the saplings have begun to wither inexplicably,[6] leading the Koroks to suspect that the other saplings have wilted as well as part of Ganondorf's malignant designs,[7][8] causing their respective saplings to wither. To rectify this, the Koroks request that Link brings the Forest Water that surrounds the Great Deku Tree and sprinkle it onto the withering saplings in the hopes that they will flourish.[9] In order for them to all become healthy once more, Link must sprinkle the Forest Water on them all within 20 minutes (30 minutes in The Wind Waker HD), allowing them to collectively grow into large trees.[10]

Once Link has rescued all of the Forest Trees, a Piece of Heart will spring forth from the nearest Forest Tree. Afterwards, the Koroks and the Great Deku Tree will express their gratitude to the young hero,[11][12] and invite him to return later to see the forests grown from the Forest Trees' roots.[13]


Forest Trees
Island Corresponding Korok
Star Island Oakin
Mother and Child Isles Rown
Eastern Fairy Island Olivio
Greatfish Isle Linder
Needle Rock Isle Elma
Private Oasis Drona
Shark Island Irch
Cliff Plateau Isles Aldo


  • Much like the Great Deku Tree, the Forest Trees all have faces. Forest Tree saplings bear melancholy faces while healthy Forest Trees have more pronounced, happy faces.



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