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The Forest Stage is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is located in a Hidden Hole beneath the area of the Lost Woods that contains a tree, two Business Scrubs, and a patch of Soft Soil. The hole leading to the stage is hidden beneath the underbrush but can be entered by walking near a group of Butterflies.

The Forest Stage is a large cavernous room containing what appears to be a theater stage in it. When Link approaches the edge of the stage while wearing a mask, Deku Scrubs will pop out of the ground and respond to him depending on which mask he is wearing. The Keaton Mask, Spooky Mask, Bunny Hood, Zora Mask, Goron Mask and Gerudo Mask produce one of two random results: the Deku Scrubs will either shower Link with Rupees, or continuously attack him until he leaves the area or gets a Game Over. In earlier versions of the game, there is a set pattern that will produce the Rupee result and what will produce the attacking result. In newer versions, it is thought to be random.

When Link is wearing the Skull Mask, they will usually start following him around until he approaches the larger Deku Scrub to the right of the stage. The large Deku Scrub allows Link to carry more Deku Sticks.

Finally, Link can wear the Mask of Truth in order to usually obtain a Deku Nut capacity upgrade; however, due to glitch in the game's system, once Link obtains the Poacher's Saw he cannot obtain the Deku Nut capacity upgrade. If Link wears the Mask of Truth while approaching the stage after obtaining the Poacher's Saw, the Deku Scrubs will either attack or give him Rupees. This glitch has been fixed in the 3DS re-release of Ocarina of Time.

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