Forest Sanctuary Sprite

The Forest Sanctuary, also known as the Woodland Sanctuary, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. This large area located within the Lost Woods is home to Gage, a sage of the Lokomos who aids Link in entering the Forest Temple. Additionally, a Stamp Station can be found in the Forest Sanctuary.

Also, Link can obtain 200 Rupees by gliding with a Cucco to a small ledge containing the Treasure Chest. The Cucco first needs to be blown off the ledge with the Whirlwind.


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After obtaining the Forest Realm Rail Map, Link and Zelda must travel to the Forest Sanctuary to play the "Lokomo Song" with Gage that will restore the Spirit Tracks leading to the Forest Temple. To get there, Link must navigate the Spirit Train through the tricky paths of the Lost Woods. Because of these paths, our hero usually must discover the town of Whittleton in order to reveal how to get through. At the Forest Sanctuary, Link must solve a puzzle to enter the cave containing Gage.

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