The Forest Realm, also known as the Forest Land, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A region of New Hyrule, it is home to Hyrule Castle and Castle Town, as well as the smaller settlements of Whittleton and Aboda Village. The Tower of Spirits, the Forest Sanctuary and the Forest Temple can also be found in the Forest Realm. Rabbitland Rescue is in the Forest Realm as well. Though a prominent feature of the region is the large forest known as the Lost Woods, the bounds of the Forest Realm also extend to the south-eastern shores of New Hyrule and features a vast plain on which the Spirit Tracks are laid. The Dark Realm is accessible from the Forest Realm. Four Space-time Gates can be found in the Forest Realm.


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Much of the first part of Link's adventure takes place in the Forest Realm. An aspiring railroad engineer, Link leaves the small Aboda Village to go to Hyrule Castle, where he will graduate and become the official Royal Engineer in New Hyrule. Then, after Princess Zelda instructs him, Link sets out to the Tower of Spirits to find out what Chancellor Cole is up to, when suddenly, the Spirit Tracks disappear, and Link's real adventure begins.

After obtaining the Rail Map for the Forest Realm from the Tower of Spirits, Link and Zelda set out to find Gage in the Forest Sanctuary to restore the remaining tracks in the realm. To do so, Link must navigate through the Lost Woods. After meeting with Gage, Link can now travel to the Forest Temple and defeat the evil Stagnox to restore the next section of the Tower of Spirits.

When Link and Princess Zelda obtain the Compass of Light after ascending the Tower of Spirits a final time, the location of the portal to the Dark Realm is revealed and appears on the Forest Realm's map.

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