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The Forest is never seen in the book
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The Forest is a location featured in The Crystal Trap. When Princess Zelda reaches the Pillar Crossroads, she will have a choice between taking the forest, desert, or swamp path. Out of the three paths, it is recommended that the forest road is taken due to the fact that Zelda can obtain the Witch's Ring from the Tree Witch she meets later on, which is one of the necessary items to obtain the Magnifying Glass.

During her travels in the forest, Princess Zelda will meet a tree known as Greenbeard, who blocks her path forward and refuses to let her pass since he claims that people are always harming woods. Zelda promises him that as long as she's alive, she will not let the people of Hyrule or Moblins harm the woods. Greenbeard grants her passage and tells Zelda to be careful of the Tree Witch as she leaves.

Eventually, Zelda will spot a rocky path leading up a steep slope and must decide whether she should take the dark and dangerous-looking path or the sunny and safe-looking road. Contrary to what it may seem, Zelda must take the dark, steep up to be able to continue through her quest, for if she takes the other road, she will be unable to open the Iron Door ahead and cause her death at the hands of a Rope Snake.