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The Footrace is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[2]

Location and Rules[]

The Footrace begins at the Footrace Check-In, a location in Upland Lindor where Konba has set up his camp. When Link first speaks to Konba, he notices that he looks tough and asks if he is willing to participate in a race.[3] If Link refuses, Konba will be disappointed, as he thought he finally found a tough person who had potential.[4] However, if Link agrees, he will be excited and share that this challenge has stakes.[5]

First, Konba demands that Link bet 20 Rupees that he can win a race against him.[1] If Link refuses to pay, Konba tells him that he will get nowhere in life with such an attitude.[6] Should Link accept his challenge, Konba will accept his Rupees and leave to set up the race.[7]

Once he has set up the race, Konba will eagerly inform Link that he is ready to start.[8] Their goal is the Big Flags that are located on top of Mount Rhoam, and when one of the reaches it, the Footrace will be over.[9] Before they start, Konba reminds Link that they are not to use Horses in the race,[10] and riding one will result in disqualification.[11]

After explaining the rules, Konba counts down to the start of the Footrace.[12] Along the trail, Chuchus and Electric Chuchus will emerge from the ground in front of Link. In addition, Boulders will fall from higher cliffs and roll down the mountain. At once point, Link will pass a Campfire with a Bomb Barrel next to it. A Chuchu will emerge from the ground near the Bomb Barrel, causing it to explode and knocking a nearby Tree onto the path.[note 1]

Konba is fast, meaning Link needs to boost his speed in order to keep up with him. This can be done by drinking a Hasty Elixir or eating hasty Food. Link can also wear the Stealth Set or the Dark Series if he runs the Footrace at night, since both Armor Sets provide the Night Speed Up bonus. While Konba follows a set path up Mount Rhoam, Link is under no obligation to follow it. He can climb cliffs, use Revali's Gale, or swim up a Waterfall with the Zora Armor in order to get ahead of Konba.

If Link runs in any direction other than towards Mount Rhoam, Konba will say he is not racing, just running.[13] As Link is not participating, Konba calls off the race and tells Link to come back and hear the rules again.[14] Similarly, if Link mounts a Horse or the Master Cycle Zero, Konba is annoyed that he has broken the rules, but he is happier when he reaizes that he has won by default.[15] After both disruptions, Konba will reiterate that the point of the race is to reach the goal all on one's own.[16] Therefore, Link will be disqualified if he runs the wrong way or uses a Horse.[17]

The Footrace ends once Link or Konba reaches the Big Flags. If Konba reaches the goal first, he gloats that Link he needs to practice if he wants to beat him.[18] Back at the Footrace Check-In, Konba tells Link that he did fine, but he will have to try harder if he is going to win.[19] However, Konba will be shocked and disappointed when he realizes that Link has completed the Footrace before him.[20] At the bottom of the mountain, he insists that he was not trying his bet, but he honors his word and gives Link a Purple Rupee as a reward.[21]

After the Footrace has been completed, Konba asks Link if he would like to run again.[22] If Link agrees, Konba will express his admiration of him.[23] He reminds Link that the rules are the same as before,[24] If Link refuses, Konba is saddened.[25] However, he encourages Link to use his traveling as an opportunity to build up his leg muscles.[26] He informs Link that he is willing to run the race again if Link ever feels up to it.[27]


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  1. The Bomb Barrel will not explode if the Footrace occurs while it is Raining.


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