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The Foolish Monkey is a character in Majora's Mask.[3]


The Foolish Monkey is a Monkey who, prior to Link's arrival in Termina, sought the aid of the Deku Princess to enter Woodfall Temple and discover the source of the poison that was infecting the Southern Swamp. Upon entering the Temple, the Foolish Monkey saw that it was infested with monsters, who captured the Deku Princess. A Deku Scrub serving the Deku King saw the Deku Princess entering the Temple with the Foolish Monkey, and later saw only the Monkey leaving the Temple.[4] The Deku Scrub took word of this to the Deku King, who imprisoned the Foolish Monkey, believing that he deceived the Princess and trapped her inside the Temple.

After Link arrives at the Southern Swamp and saves Koume in the Woods of Mystery, he is confronted by the Foolish Monkey's brother, who was watching him. The Foolish Monkey's brother explains what happened to the Foolish Monkey and asks for Link's help,[2] as the Monkey noticed that Link is able to transform into a Deku Scrub and is therefore able to infiltrate the Deku-exclusive Deku Palace. Inside the Deku Palace, Link can see Deku Scrubs spreading rumors of the Foolish Monkey's deeds to the Deku King.[4][5][6] Infuriated by the rumors, the Deku King commands his subjects to prepare a cauldron of boiling water to torture the Foolish Monkey as punishment for tricking the Deku Princess.[7] Inside his cage, the Foolish Monkey attempts to warn his captors that their Princess is in danger, but to no avail.[8]

In order to save the Foolish Monkey, Link must enter and navigate the Deku Palace's Outer Garden to reach the inside of the Monkey's cell. Upon speaking to the Foolish Monkey inside the cage, he gives in to his fate and refuses to speak further.[9][10] However, if Link equips the Deku Pipes, the Foolish Monkey will recognize them as the same kind of instrument that the Deku Princess owns.[11] After catching himself in his furor, the Foolish Monkey asks who Link is before explaining his situation.[12][13] He asks Link to enter the Woodfall Temple on his behalf to rescue the Deku Princess.[14] If Link agrees, the Foolish Monkey will teach him the "Sonata of Awakening", the melody which raises the sunken Temple from the Swamp's floor.[15][16][17]

The Foolish Monkey being suspended over a cauldron from Majora's Mask

Though he attempts to teach the song quietly,[18] the Deku King overhears the exchange and affirms it as proof that the Foolish Monkey tricked his daughter into entering the Temple.[19][20] The Deku King then commands his subjects to commence with the Monkey's torture,[21] kicking Link out of the Palace in the process. As he is being dragged away, the Foolish Monkey instructs Link to take the Woodfall Temple Pathway to access the Temple and begs Link to hurry.[22] If Link returns to the Royal Chamber after this, he can witness the Foolish Monkey being repeatedly dipped into the cauldron of boiling water.[23][24][25] After the Monkey is dipped in the water, he will appear lifeless and remain silent.[26]

After Link rescues the Deku Princess and returns her to the Royal Chamber, she chastises her father for his hasty behavior and commands the Deku Scrubs to release the Foolish Monkey.[27] She then apologizes to the Monkey for his treatment,[1] which he dismisses.[28] The Deku Princess explains to him that Link cleared the evil from the Temple and returned the Southern Swamp to normal.[29] The Foolish Monkey then thanks Link for his help and rejoices in the fact that peace between the Monkeys and the Deku Kingdom has been restored,[30] though he still senses an unknown danger.[31] If Link speaks to the Deku Scrubs who oversaw the Foolish Monkey's torture, they will lament the fact that they were punishing an innocent Monkey.[32]

The Foolish Monkey can later be seen standing beside the Deku Princess in the credits.


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