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Follow the Sheikah Slate
BotW Follow the Sheikah Slate.png
Quest Giver ???
Location Great Plateau
Next Quest
"The Isolated Plateau"

"Follow the Sheikah Slate" is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link obtains the Quest shortly after a mysterious voice awakens him and urges him to leave the Shrine of Resurrection to restore the light to Hyrule Kingdom.[2][3] Once he has started exploring the Great Plateau, the voice will call out to him again. The voice instructs Link to head towards the destination marked on the Sheikah Slate's Map.[4]

Upon reaching the buried remains of the Great Plateau Tower, Link is instructed to place the Sheikah Slate into the Sheikah Slate Pedestal.[5] Once he does so, the Tower will be activated, and he will be warned to watch for falling rocks.[6] In doing so, Link causes the Great Plateau Tower to shoot upwards out of the ground that once held it. This causes a simultaneous reaction among all of the other Sheikah Towers scattered across Hyrule, forcing them to rise as well. At this same exact moment that the Sheikah Towers collectively ascend, Ancient Shrines across Hyrule begin to glow an orange light,[7] acting as a sort of beacon to allow Link to locate them from a distance. When Link regains his composure following his rapid ascension, the Great Plateau Tower begins to distill regional information on the Great Plateau in the form of a tear drop,[8] which splashes onto the Sheikah Slate and updates its Map with landmarks and geographical data.[9]

The voice calls out to Link again before Link begins to leave the Tower, urging him to remember the events leading up to his awakening.[10] However, Calamity Ganon interrupts her and begins to swirl around Hyrule Castle before being driven back by a white light emanating from the Castle. The voice warns Link that when Calamity Ganon regains its full strength, she will no longer be able to contain it.[11] This completes the Quest, allowing Link to descend the Great Plateau Tower and speak to the Old Man, who tasks him with the next Main Quest, "The Isolated Plateau".


Stage Description
1 From out of nowhere, you hear a woman's voice speak to you... She instructs you to head to the marker displayed on the Sheikah Slate.

The slate is both alien and somehow familiar to you... You find that you can access its map by pressing the - Button button.
Complete When you inserted your Sheikah Slate in the pedestal marked on the map, a giant tower erupted upward from the ground, carrying you high into the air.

From Hyrule Castle, off in the distance, you hear the woman's voice speaking to you again...


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
United KingdomEnglishBRFollow the Sheikah Slate 
JapanJapaneseシーカーストーンの示す場所 (Shīkā Sutōn no Shimesu Basho)Place Indicated by the Seeker Stone
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR希卡之石的指示地 (Xīkǎ zhī shí de zhǐshì de) 
NetherlandsDutchVolg de Sheikah-steen 
FranceFrenchEUGuidé par la tablette 
GermanyGermanDie ferne Stimme 
ItalyItalianLasciati guidare 
South KoreaKorean시커 스톤이 가리키는 곳 (Sikeo seutoni garikineun got) 
RussiaRussian«В путь с Камнем шиика» («V putʹ s Kamnem shiika») 
SpainSpanishEUDirígete al lugar indicado 
Latin AmericaSpanishLADirígete al lugar indicado 
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