Fokkeru are enemies from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Their official name was never released in North America.

These bird-like enemies appear in the Great Palace. They walk slowly back and forth, occasionally taking low jumps. Their attack pattern is very similar to the much weaker Guma, but rather than maces, they shoot fireballs. These fireballs fly upwards in an arcing pattern, and when striking the ground they turn into plumes of flame. These plumes can be stationary, but may also slide either towards or away from the Fokkeru. Neither the fireballs nor the flames can be blocked without the use of the Reflect Spell.

Fokkeru are vulnerable to Link's sword, but are very durable, requiring six hits at full power. They are immune to the Fire Spell.

Upon a Fokkeru's defeat, Link is awarded with 200 Experience points.