Blue Fokka

Fokkas are enemies from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. They were never given an official name in the English localization of the game, and are frequently called "Bird Knights", "Eagle Knights", or "Dreadhawks" by fans. They come in both red and blue varieties, with the blue ones being slightly stronger than the red variation. They can be found in the Great Palace.

Fokkas are widely considered to be the most difficult regular enemies in the game. They behave similarly to Iron Knuckles, attacking with a sword and shield. However, Fokkas take flying leaps during battle and can fire sword beams, comparable to a blue Iron Knuckle. They also deal extreme amounts of damage. The experience reward from defeating a Fokka is very small; Link gains only 70 experience points for defeating a red Fokka and 100 for defeating a blue Fokka, compared to 200 experience points for defeating a blue Lizalfos. They are also immune to the Spell Spell. Consequently, it is safest for Link to either ignore them or flee from them.

Fokkas always jump with their shields held low. As a result, the easiest way to beat one is for Link to crouch on a platform that puts him level with the Fokka's head at the apex of its jump. Many, but not all, Fokkas are found in a situation where this strategy is possible.

Another alternative is to fight them like blue Iron Knuckles, though Link should use the Jump Thrust against them as they leap over him instead of using the Downthrust.

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