"My dad used to talk about getting through the fog and seeing the Isle of Gust. He said something about a specific route for getting through the foggy passage. But only he knew which way to go... "

The Foggy Passage is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Found in the Northwestern Sea of the World of the Ocean King, the Foggy Passage is an impenetrable collection of fog that can only be navigated in a specific way, as the wrong way will result in being teleported back to the start. After reviewing the Old Wayfarer's journals, Link finds out the specific route he must travel to pass through the Foggy Passage and reach the Isle of Gust successfully.

After freeing the Three Spirits, Link returns to the Foggy Passage and uses their power to find and board the Ghost Ship and save Tetra. Once he clears the ship and defeats the Diabolical Cubus Sisters, the fog disappears completely from the area.

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