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Fog, also known as Mist,[1] is a recurring trap in The Legend of Zelda series.[2]


The Wind Waker[]

Main article: Paralyzing Fog

Paralyzing Fog can be found in certain areas of the Earth Temple. If Link comes into contact with it, he will become Cursed, meaning that none of his items work, including his Master Sword. While affected, Link is surrounded by a concentrated smog, his body flashes purple, and he acts disoriented or weakened. This is markedly similar to being cursed by a Blue Bubble. The curse will not be lifted unless he gets out of the Paralyzing Fog or finds a Light Beam to take refuge under.

Twilight Princess[]

In Twilight Princess, After Link is transformed into Wolf Link, purple Fog appears in Faron Woods. Link initially crosses the foggy portion of the woods by jumping across tree branches with the help of Midna. This fog can be temporarily cleared away by holding and swinging a Lantern, but if Link is not careful and falls in, he will faint and respawn where he was earlier. After re-entering the area in human form, a Monkey takes Link's Lantern and guides him through the fog to the Forest Temple. This fog remains here for the rest of the game.[citation needed]

Main article: Dark Fog

In the Palace of Twilight, Dark Fog appears as a trap that will automatically turn Link into Wolf Link. Dark Fog was made by Zant and large amounts of Dark Fog appear when Phantom Zant is defeated.[3]

Spirit Tracks[]

A poisonous Fog appears in Spirit Tracks whenever a Vengas is defeated inside the Forest Temple. If Link comes in contact with the impenetrable Fog, he will be hurt by it until he moves away. The Whirlwind is capable of blowing the Fog away.



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