Flying Rooster (dead)
Flying Rooster (revived)

The Flying Rooster is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The bones of this long-dead bird are buried in a tunnel below the weather vane in Mabe Village. Once Link completes the Signpost Maze and learns the "Frog's Song of Soul", he can play the song on the Ocarina to awaken the bird. This rooster is different from others of its kind in that its feathers are blue. Additionally, when Link lifts it with the Power Bracelet, it allows him to fly until he lets go of it. The Rooster can then be used to fly Link over chasms and holes; however, it can only be used for this purpose in the overworld, as it will not follow him into dungeons.

Link needs the Flying Rooster in order to acquire the Bird Key that will open the door to Eagle's Tower, as well as to reach the tower itself. He also needs the Rooster to reach one of the optional Secret Seashells. After Link completes Eagle's Tower, the Rooster leaves him and makes a new home for itself in the Hen House in the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

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