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The Flux Construct III is a Sub-Boss in Tears of the Kingdom.


The flux construct III has gold-colored trims around their cubes. The only change from the second version is the Golem form will follow-up its single-handed slam with the teleport slam.

In addition, the third model has the ability to switch its core around to prevent it from being targeted. Every time the core is aimed at, it will shift around and repositioned in a way where Link cannot shoot their arrows at (ie: behind their torso). It will not shift to a more vulnerable position such as their arms or legs in their Golem form. Along with its shifting ability, it also has the ability to recover detached cubes.

Like the second model, the core must be pulled out with Ultrahand to expose it. But due to its shifting ability, trying to grab the core will cause the Ultrahand's grasp to almost disengage. To pull out the shifting core, the construct must be stunned by shooting its core with a Bow. It will continuously keep shifting when aimed at, but quick reflexes might be able to make short work of it. Pulling the other cubes to expose the core will make it easier to aim at.

Like the second iteration, undefeated third models may have a treasure chest attached to them.

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