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The Flute Boy's Bird is a Duck who belonged to the Flute Boy in A Link to the Past.[1] The Bird can be summoned by the Flute Boy's Flute found in the Haunted Grove.

When Link plays the Flute near the Weathercock in the center of Kakariko Village, the Flute Boy's Bird appears from inside the statue. If Link plays the flute again, the duck appears and swoops down on him, picking Link up in order to transport him to any of 8 different locations in the Light World:

  1. Death Mountain
  2. In front of the Witch's Hut
  3. Kakariko Village
  4. Link's House
  5. South of the Eastern Palace
  6. Desert of Mystery
  7. Great Swamp
  8. Lake Hylia

The use of the pet bird and the flute greatly cuts walking time between the regions of Hyrule.


  • The use of Zeffa and the Ocarina of Wind in The Minish Cap is similar to the use of the Flute Boy's Bird and the Flute.
  • Link can avoid being warped by the duck if he runs out of the way of the bird's dive after he calls him using the flute.
  • Even though the Flute Boy's Bird cannot normally be summoned in the Dark World, Link summons it to take him to the Pyramid of Power upon the defeat of Agahnim.

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  1. "He had a pet bird that went with him everywhere, but he went to the mountain and never returned." — Innkeeper (A Link to the Past)