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The Flute Boy's Father is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. A man living in Kakariko Village, he is the father of the Flute Boy, who went missing some time prior to the events of the game. The Flute Boy's Father is first found in Kakariko's Inn, frequently nodding off and mourning the disappearance of his son, wishing to hear the sound of him playing the flute again.

Later, the Flute Boy is found in the Dark World. He asks Link to dig up his flute in the Light World and play for his father. He then turns into a tree, and is presumably dead. Link can then play the flute for the Flute Boy's Father, who is appeased by the sound and asks Link to play for the birds like his son did.

Because Link uses the Triforce to wish all of Agahnim's evil to be undone, the Flute Boy never dies and can be seen playing for his father during the credits.

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