The Flute Boy is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. He is the missing son of a man in Kakariko Village. As his name suggests, he is a gifted flute player, with a particular love of animals. He resembles as Gulley from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.


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Flute Boy (Light World)

At one point, the Flute Boy found an entrance into the Dark World. Once inside the Dark World, he was transformed into a tapir; anyone who enters the realm without the Moon Pearl will transform into a shape that symbolizes their personality. Stuck in this shape, he had no way to return to the the Light World. Despite this, he somehow appears in the Haunted Grove near Kakariko Village in the Light World, apparently through channeling his spirit or something to that effect. Here, he plays his flute for the surrounding animals, but disappears if Link comes too close.

Flute Boy (Dark World)

Link arrives in the same area in the Dark World, where the transformed Flute Boy explains to Link what happened to him, and asks him to unearth his flute, which was buried near the stump in the Haunted Grove. To help him uncover the flute, he gives Link the Shovel. Link teleports back to the Light World and finds the flute, but on returning to the Dark World finds that the boy has transformed further and is now starting to become a tree. The boy asks Link to play the flute for him one last time. Upon hearing the song, the Flute Boy's cares are eased, and completes his transformation into an inanimate tree.

In the end credits, as all of Agahnim's evil deeds are undone by the power of the Triforce, the Flute Boy is restored to his Hylian form and reunited with his father.

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