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This page is about the Mini-Game. For the place of the same name, see Flight Range.
Flight Range (Mini-Game)
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The Flight Range is a mini-game in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Rules

The Flight Range Mini-Game becomes available after Link frees the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. If Link speaks to Teba in Rito Village, he will take his son, Tulin, to the Flight Range now that Teba's wounds have healed.[2] Before leaving, Tulin will ask Link to play with them at the Flight Range.[3] At the Flight Range, Teba will mention that he is training Tulin again and asks Link to show Tulin how Link handles a Bow,[4] noting that it could set example for Tulin.[5] When Link speaks to Tulin, Tulin wants to know if Teba's claim that Link is great with a Bow is true.[6] Whether Link confirms or downplays his skill, Tulin will tell Link to show his skill to Tulin.[7][8] Tulin explains that he will count down while Link tries to break as many Targets as he can and Tulin will give Link a prize if he breaks a lot of Targets.[9]

The objective to break as many of the 20 Targets scattered across the chasm walls and the spire in the Flight Range as possible within 30 seconds. Time will slow down when Link aims his bow and like in Deer Hunting, Link must supply his own Bows and Arrows. The game will end if time runs out,[10] Link falls too far down the chasm,[11] Link tells Tulin that he's quitting or Link breaks all of the Targets.[12][13] Tulin will then comment on Link's performance. If Link breaks less than five Targets, Tulin will be unimpressed and ask Link to show him something cooler next time.[14] Tulin will note Link had some trouble but that Tulin still learned a lot and give Link a Red Rupee, valued at 20 Rupees, as thanks if Link breaks between five and nine Targets.[15] Tulin will give Link a Purple Rupee, valued at 50 Rupees, if between 10 and 15 Targets are broken.[16] If Link manages to break between 15 and 19 Targets, Tulin will be impressed and says he'll remember Link's technique when he practices before giving Link a Silver Rupee, worth 100 Rupees.[17] Tulin will call Link amazing and comment on how time seemed to stop when Link fired his Bow and give Link a Gold Rupee, valued at 300 Rupees, if Link breaks all 20 Targets.[18]

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