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This page is about the Mini-Game. For the place of the same name, see Flight Range.

The Flight Range is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Rules[]

During the "Divine Beast Vah Medoh" Main Quest, Link will find Teba in the hut at the Flight Range, where he can offer his assistance.[2] While Teba is initially skeptical that he can help take down Divine Beast Vah Medoh,[3] he will eventually relent once he sees Link is serious.[4] Before they leave, Teba insists on testing Link to see if he is prepared to face the Divine Beast.[5]

Teba explains that Rito warriors use the Updrafts in the Flight Range to practice their aerial archery.[6] Since they are so strong, though, someone who is flightless could use a cloth such as the Paraglider to float up.[7] Therefore, he tasks Link with destroying five of the Targets within three minutes.[8]

If Link asks for advice, Teba tells him that using a Bow in the air is similar to using one on the ground.[9] He suggests using a Bow that is made for shooting from a long range.[10] If Link is unable to complete the challenge, Teba says he will be useless against Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[11]

When Link tells Teba he is ready, the Mini-Game will begin.[12] There are a total of 20 Targets, all of which are painted a glowing blue that make them easy to spot from a distance. Once Link has shot five Targets, Teba will call him back to the hut.[13] There, he calls Link a skilled archer, saying it was as though time stopped every time he shot an Arrow.[14] Now that he has seen Link's abilities, Teba allows him to help take down Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[15]

After "Divine Beast Vah Medoh" has been completed, Teba decides to take Tulin with him to the Flight Range.[16] He hopes that training there will help Tulin grow into a warrior like Revali.[17] Before they leave, Tulin asks Link to come play with them at the Flight Range.[18] At the Flight Range, Teba will once again mention that he is training Tulin.,[19] He asks Link to show Tulin how he handles a Bow.[20] noting that it could set example for him.[21]

When Link speaks to Tulin, he asks Link if his father was telling the truth when he said Link was good with a Bow.[22] Whether Link confirms or downplays his skill, Tulin requests he show off.[23][24] Tulin explains that he will count down while Link tries to break as many Targets as he can.[25] If he does so, Tulin promises him a prize.[26]

If Link falls too far down into the chasm or starts to leave the Flight Range, Tulin will tell him to come back quickly.[27] Similarly, if Link speaks to Tulin during the Mini-Game, he will ask if he is quitting.[28] When Link confirms that he is, Tulin will be disappointed.[29]

When time runs out, Tulin will call Link back to the hut.[30] Alternatively, Tulin will be excited if Link destroys all 20 Targets before running out of time.[31] He will then review Link's performance.

If Link breaks less than five Targets, Tulin is unimpressed and asks Link to show him something cooler next time.[32] Next, if Link breaks between five and nine Targets, Tulin notes that while Link had some trouble, he still learned a lot from his performance, and he gives him a Red Rupee as a reward.[33] When Link breaks between 10 and 15 Targets, Tulin will be impressed and give him a Purple Rupee.[34] If Link manages to break between 15 and 19 Targets, Tulin will be excited by this feat, rewarding Link a Silver Rupee and promising to remember his technique.[35] Finally, if Link breaks all 20 Targets, Tulin will be amazed, and he gives Link a Gold Rupee as a prize.[36]


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