The Flight Range is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located northwest of the Rito Village in the Hebra Mountains region of Hyrule. It is located in the area of Dronoc's Pass and northwest of the Sha Warvo Shrine which acts as a warp point once its Travel Gate is activated. The Flight Range contains a Rito style hut with a small landing platform and a Cooking Pot. A Swallow Bow spawns inside the hut as well. It contains a large chasm filled with Updrafts and archery targets mounted on rocks and walls within the chasm.


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According to The Diary of Revali, before the Great Calamity the Rito warrior Revali requested to the Rito Elder the construction of a private training ground as a reward for winning a competition leading to the Flight Range's construction. At first Revali used it exclusively and was where he honed his skills leading to the development Revali's Gale. However after becoming a Champion, Revali opened it to aspiring Rito warriors which after his death lead to training there to became a tradition among Rito warriors. During "Divine Beast Vah Medoh", Link learns Teba fled to the Flight Range to train after his and Harth's confrontation with Vah Medoh ended in failure and Harth was injured. Wanting to access Vah Medoh, Link ventures to the Flight Range to join Teba in combating Vah Medoh though must first prove his Paraglider and aerial archery skills by shooting targets in the Flight Range within three minutes thus the area serves to prepare Link for his impending battle with Vah Medoh. Afterward he and Teba join forces to combat Vah Medoh though Teba is later injured distracting Vah Medoh, forcing Link to enter Vah Medoh alone after taking out its cannons.

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A mini-game is proposed to Link there, it consists of flying as far as possible with a flight duration as long as possible.

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