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Fledge is a character in Skyward Sword.[2]


Fi's Comment:
SS Fi Artwork.png
Target lock: Fledge
"His name is Fledge, and he seems to suffer from a lack of confidence in his physical abilities.

He attends the Knight Academy with you, Master. He is often troubled by his lack of physical strength relative to other boys his age.

(After giving two Stamina Potions)

But that is no longer the case. He increased his muscle mass by 500%. These days, he can no longer fit any known definition of "weakling." Currently, he is testing other training methods in order to increase his strength even further.

(After completing Fledge's sidequest)

His name is Fledge, and he was once a weak and helpless individual. He is also your classmate at the Knight Academy, Master.

After working out continuously, he has built a muscular physique that allows him to easily throw heavy pumpkins up into the air without tiring."

Fledge is a student of the Knight Academy in Skyloft. He is a kind, but cowardly person.[3] Fledge seems to have confidence issues, stemming from his soft nature and lack of physical prowess.[4]

Before the Wing Ceremony, Fledge can be found near the restroom of the Knight Academy, attempting to carry Barrels for Henya.[5] If Link helps Fledge carry a Barrel into the kitchen, he will give the young hero 20 Rupees as thanks.[6][7] If Link decides not to help him, Fledge will carry on with his work.[8]

After Link learns that his Crimson Loftwing is missing, Pipit helps Link find it.[9] If Link talks to Fledge then, he will behave suspiciously and hint that he knows something.[10] As Link walks away, Fledge tries to tell the young hero, but decides not to.[11] With Pipit's coercion, Fledge admits to being hazed into not telling Link about overhearing Groose's plan to kidnap the young hero's Loftwing.[12] From the information Fledge provides, Pipit determines that Groose and his gang hid Link's Loftwing near a Waterfall.[13] Afterwards, Fledge apologizes to Link for being a coward.[14]

As Link prepares to set out to the Surface to rescue Zelda, Fledge compliments Link on his new tunic and gives the young hero an Adventure Pouch, saying that he made it himself.[15]

After Link clears the Lanayru Mining Facility, Fledge can be found in his room at night in the Knight Academy doing push-ups. He will ask Link for a Stamina Potion to supply the strength he needs to continue exercising, significantly increasing the number of push-ups he can do. Later, Link can give him a second Stamina Potion, increasing that number even more. Eventually, Fledge will be able to do nearly 4,000 push-ups, and will give Link five Gratitude Crystals for his help. After helping Fledge become stronger, he opens the mini-game Pumpkin Pull, a game where Link may use his Bow on Pumpkins Fledge tosses into the air as target practice. Link can earn a number of prizes for shooting enough Pumpkins, including a Piece of Heart.


Fledge's name comes from fledge, the stage of a young bird's life when it develops stronger wings and muscles to fly.

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