Fledge is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is a resident of Skyloft who attends the Knight Academy. As he is a timid boy with a lack of self-esteem, he struggles to progress through the academy, and failed to qualify for the Wing Ceremony.


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Before Link first leaves the Knight Academy building, Fledge is trying to carry heavy barrels to the kitchen for Henya, but cannot even manage to lift them. If Link carries the barrels to the kitchen instead, Fledge will give Link a Red Rupee, which Fledge says is half of what Henya paid him to help her.

At some point, Fledge discovers that Groose and his companions Cawlin and Strich have kidnapped Link's Crimson Loftwing in order to spoil his chances of winning the Wing Ceremony. He is threatened by Groose to keep this information from Link. Pipit eventually convinces Fledge to reveal his information to Link, and spends some time thereafter making apologies for his earlier behavior.

Later, Fledge can be found in his room at night, doing push-ups. However, he finds he lacks the stamina for his workout to have any beneficial effect on him. Link can bring Fledge a Stamina Potion to help with his training, which gradually improves. After bringing Fledge two Stamina Potions (and after Link completes the Sandship), Fledge is able to perform several thousand push-ups during one session. He also tells Link that he was able to lift a Barrel with one hand (thus making Fledge physically stronger than Link himself) and says his next goal is to be able to lift a barrel with one finger. Fledge thanks Link for his help and Link is rewarded with five Gratitude Crystals.

Humorously, after he finishes doing his push-ups, he refers to it as "a light warmup". Subsequently, Fledge opens his own mini-game, Pumpkin Pull, near the Sparring Hall. As part of the mini-game, Fledge uses his newfound physical strength to throw pumpkins into the air, which Link must hit with his Bow.

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As many residents of Skyloft seem to be named after birds, it is possible that Fledge is named after fledgling, one of the earliest stages of a bird's life. His name may also allude to the events of the game, as Fledge transitions from his weakling nature, gaining strength and stamina throughout his sidequest, eventually becoming a "fully fledged" man.

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