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Flavi is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Flavi is a Gerudo traveler who can be found in Lurelin Village. She sleeps in the Fishing Resort during the night.

When Link speaks to her, Flavi remarks on the weather, the warmth being nice when compared to the heat of the Gerudo Desert.[2] She then asks if Link is visiting Lurelin on vacation.[3] If Link asks about the Desert, Flavia explains that she's from Gerudo Town, which is surrounded by the Desert.[4]

Flavi came to Lurelin Village out of interest in Eventide Island.[5][6] During the day, she camps out on a hill just outside of the village and looks upon the Island. However, she's had difficulties in reaching it by sea and wonders if one needs wings to reach it.[7][8]

During the rain, Flavi takes shelter under the umbrellas outside the Fishing Resort.[9] When Link speaks to her during this time, she admits to hating the rain as it makes her miss home.[10] If Link says he likes the rain, she calls him a weirdo.[11] It never rains in Gerudo Town, so while she was initially intrigued by it, it now annoys her.[12]


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Latin AmericaSpanishLAFlarya
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