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Flashing Spot on the Floor
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Main appearance(s)

Flashing Spots on the Floor are Objects in The Minish Cap.[1]

Location and Uses

Flashing Spots on the Floor are found throughout Hyrule in groups of two or more. Once Link obtains the White Sword from Melari and infuses it with both the Earth Element and the Fire Element in the Elemental Sanctuary, he gains the ability to split himself into two copies by charging a Spin Attack and standing over Flashing Spots on the Floor.[2][3] As Link infuses more Elements into the White Sword, he can use Flashing Spots on the Floor to split himself into three copies, and finally four when he obtains the Four Sword.

Flashing Spots on the Floor are found in various Overworld areas, as well as the Fortress of Winds, the Temple of Droplets, the Royal Crypt, the Palace of Winds, and Dark Hyrule Castle. Link must use the White Sword (or Four Sword) to split himself into copies on these panels to solve a variety of puzzles and progress through his adventure.


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