"A fisherman's tool that excels at catching large fish. Its particularly sharp spearhead makes it valuable as a weapon as well"
Hyrule Compendium

The Fishing Harpoon is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a Spear and fisherman's harpoon which Link can use it as a weapon. It has a base attack power of 8. Due to its use in Spearfishing, Fishing Harpoons are often wielded by fisherman living in Lurelin Village who use it primarily to catch fish, though they also double as a weapon that can be used for self-defense which the fishermen use to defend themselves if attacked by monsters while out fishing. Fishermen will wield them in a defensive manner if Link attacks them or scares them by wearing certain Armor sets (specifically the "Radiant" Armor set at night and "Phantom Equipment", "Phantom Ganon", or "Tingle" Armor sets day and night).

While the Fishing Harpoon is pretty weak it is still a decent weapon and gives Link a longer reach. Additionally, Link can also use it to spear fish by throwing it at the fish. If it hits any fish it will kill them causing them to float to the surface allowing Link to collect them easily. They can also be used to kill fish it the shallows and kill Crabs even without throwing it. As it is designed to be used in fishing it floats in water and does not sink allowing Link to recover it after throwing it along with any fish killed. As Keese can be killed in one hit it can kill them easily as with most spears.

Fishing Harpoons can be found primarily in the East Necluda and Lake Hylia regions. Link can also find three Fishing Harpoons with Roasted Porgy being cooked by Armes Campfire in Lurelin Village. Link can remove the fish and take the harpoons for himself which occasionally respawn after Link leaves the area making it easy to obtain extra harpoons. Another harpoon spawns in the enemy camp on the beach in Clarnet Coast.

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