Unofficial Name

"I can't wait to see what I'll catch next!"
— Fisherman

The Fisherman is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. He can be found fishing in various locations across Koholint Island.


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The Travels of Link 9

The Fisherman falling overboard

The Fisherman is first met at the Fishing Pond in Mabe Village, where he refers to Link as "little buddy" and charges him 10 Rupees to fish. If Link manages to fish all the fish in the pond, the Fisherman comments on this, asking Link if he wouldn't like to try his luck in the sea instead. If Link answers yes, the Fisherman quickly changes the subject.

Later, the Fisherman can be found underneath a bridge in Martha's Bay. If Link climbs aboard his boat, he can trade him the Fishing Hook for whatever the Fisherman catches next, which turns out to be Martha's lost Necklace. This is part of the quest for the Magnifying Lens.

In the DX remake of the game, an event may occur in which the Fisherman will catch the Photographer when approached under the bridge. This will in turn cause the Fisherman to fall overboard and into the water, which results in a photograph being added to The Travels of Link.

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