The Firly Plateau is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a Plateau located in the East Necluda region of Hyrule southwest of Link's House and Firly Pond. It is smaller than the Great Plateau of Central Hyrule.

On the Plateau near Stinger Cliffs are some ruins contain a empty campsite where a Cooking Pot can be found. However the Cooking Pot is out in the open meaning it becomes unusable when it rains though Link can create a Campfire under the stone archway when it is raining to pass the time as the archway provides campfires protection from the rain. A Emblazoned Shield, Soldier's Spear, Wooden Bow, and Wooden Shield spawn around the ruins within the campsite. Near the campsite is a small pond where several Hearty Bass can be found making it a great place to fish for them though Hyrule Bass can occasionally be found within the pond. Wood Pigeons and Water Buffalo can occasionally be found near the pond while Herons, Mountain Goats, Blue Sparrows, Hightail Lizards, Restless Crickets, and Woodland Foxes also inhabit the area. Sunset Firefly appear at night. Additionally the paths of Firly Plateau is patrolled by Bokoblins and Moblins. One Moblin patrols close to the campsite thus Link should eliminate him as he may wonder into the campsite. Stalkoblin also appear at night on the Plateau. North of the campsite, wild Horses graze which Link can mount and tame. Near Marblod Plain the road connecting Firly Plateau and Marbold goes through a small cave Luminous Ore Deposits. One top of the cave are three Korok puzzle trees which reveal a hidden Korok when solved allowing Link to obtain a Korok Seed.

At the fork in the road northeast of the campsite, a female traveler will appear whom seems to be lost. However she is actually a disguised Yiga Footsoldier and speaking to her will initiate a fight. This disguised Footsoldier will respawn every Blood Moon.

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