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Firestone Lake
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Firestone Lake is a location in The Faces of Evil.[1] It is unlocked after completing Toyku Lighthouse.

Features and Overview

Firestone Lake is a large lake in central Koridai that surrounds an active volcano. The outer area is a desolate wasteland, where the Lake's yellowish water steams and boils from the intense heat. Octoroks and Fire Dairas inhabit these shores, the latter of which can only be defeated by Snowballs. Firestones are dropped by the Fire Dairas upon their defeat, from which the Lake gets its name. A small Raft on the shore takes Link further out into the Lake and toward its volcano. A cave entrance leads inside, where Gwonam can be found waiting inside the dark cavern. He informs Link that Zelda has been kidnapped by Ganon during his absence.

Deep inside the volcano, Phyrandaii jump at Link in attack. Grapple Berries are found in one of the crevices. At the bottom of the volcano is an arched exit guarded by a Phyrandaii. A Fire Diamond is dropped upon its defeat, and a Triforce Map exiting the stage also appears. After the stage is completed, Shipwreck Cliff is unlocked.

Minor Enemies and Traps


  • In an early sketch of Koridai made by Rob Dunlavey for The Faces of Evil, Firestone Lake is named "Spurgam Volcano".[2]



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