Fire Temple Sprite
The Fire Temple, also known as the Mountain Temple, is the fourth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It is a fire themed temple located near the summit of the Mountain of Fire in the Fire Realm.


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Force Gem (Fire Temple)

The Fire Temple's Force Gem

After Link and Princess Zelda obtain the Fire Realm's Rail Map, Anjean instructs the duo to travel to the Fire Temple to defeat the evil inside, effectively restoring the Spirit Tracks and Tower of Spirits. After visiting the Fire Sanctuary, Link and Zelda set out for the Fire Temple. Before they can enter the Fire Temple, however, they must retrieve the keys from the three Snurglars who have stolen them. At Goron Village, the Gorons give Link valuable information on how to defeat the Snurglars by blowing the Spirit Train's whistle. Link then retrieves the three keys, and the door to the temple is opened.

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The Fire Temple contains puzzles that are noticeably more difficult than the puzzles seen in the previous dungeons, as well as more difficult enemies. Many puzzles involve riding a Mine Cart, including a puzzle from which the Boss Key is obtained. Other puzzles include the use of wall switches and moving Arrow Orbs so as to hit an Eye Switch, thus opening a door. Link must also constantly avoid the deadly lava commonly found in the many rooms of the multi-floored temple. Link must also avoid trap doors that are not noticeable.





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