The Fire Sanctuary, also known as the Valley Sanctuary, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It is here that Link meets the Lokomo sage Embrose. The Fire Sanctuary is located through a cave behind the Goron Elder's home. The Goron will allow Link entry to the cave after his grandson tells him that Link rescued the Goron Village from the lava flow caused by a volcanic eruption.


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Link travels to the Fire Sanctuary to play the "Lokomo Song" with Embrose to restore the Spirit Tracks. To gain entrance, however, a riddle must be solved in order to open the door to the sanctuary, the Door of Friendship. Once Link solves the riddle, he gains entry to Embrose's chamber and speaks with the Lokomo. Together, they play the "Lokomo Song", restoring some of the Spirit Tracks in the Fire Realm and allowing Link to reach the Fire Temple atop the Mountain of Fire.

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