The Fire Realm, also known as the Fire Land, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A region of New Hyrule, the Dark Ore Mine, Disorientation Station, Ends of the Earth Station, Goron Target Range, Goron Village and Mountain of Fire are located here. Also, part of the Sand Realm is found on the Fire Realm Rail Map. Three Space-time Gates can be found in the Fire Realm.


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The first section of the Spirit Tracks in the Fire Realm become accessible when Link and Princess Zelda collect the final part of the Rail Map on the seventeenth floor of the Tower of Spirits. It reveals a path to Goron Target Range and more importantly, Goron Village. At the village, Link finds that the villagers are unable to reach their homes because of a recent volcanic eruption. After delivering some Mega Ice to the village, the fire cools and Link can proceed to the Goron Elder's home. There, Link takes a special passage to the Fire Sanctuary, which usually would be out-of-bounds to other Gorons. Upon successful completion of the tasks in the Fire Sanctuary, Link is granted access to the area where Embrose, the Lokomo Sage of the Fire Realm, resides. After successfully playing the Fire Realm's "Lokomo Song", Spirit Tracks surrounding the Fire Temple open up. Link retrieves the keys to the Fire Temple from three thieving Snurglars, and use them to enter the temple.

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Fire Realm Map

Map of the Fire Realm

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