For the location from Spirit Tracks, see Mountain of Fire.
"Have you seen the mountain far to the east of this island? The volcanic isle that spews molten lava?! Oh, not a nice place! Legend tells of a powerful treasure that lies waiting for one who can brave the very bowels of the earth and lay claim to it! Aye, that tale's famous amongst us sailors!"

Fire Mountain (火山島 Hi Yama Shima?, Fire Mountain Island) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. An island on the Great Sea, it is located south of Dragon Roost Island in square C6.

Fire Mountain is constantly spewing a column of fire from its peak and sending lava into the ocean. Rumors had been passed around by sailors that inside this small island there is a treasure that can help a man lift anything more than twice his own body weight. To acquire the treasure, Link has to sail to the coordinates of C6 and use the Ice Arrows to temporarily subdue the intense spewing of magma, then quickly find a way inside the mountain and retrieve the Power Bracelets; Link has five minutes until the island reignites, throwing him back out to the sea and requiring him to start over. The heat and lava are not the only dangers of Fire Mountain, however; Fire Keese, Magtails, and Kargarocs inhabit the island and are hostile towards Link. As with Ice Ring Isle, the item found inside may be used to make a shortcut out; once Link acquires the Power Bracelets, the time limit is removed, and the island will no longer reignite with lava.

A lone Lookout Platform can be found southeast of Fire Mountain, and just beyond it lies a Big Octo with 8 eyes.


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It is believed by some that Fire Mountain was once a part of the Death Mountain Range before Hyrule flooded, but the authenticity of this is yet to be confirmed.

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