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The Fire Blazer is an item in Tri Force Heroes.[1]

Location and Uses

Madame Couture's Comment:
TFH Madame Couture Artwork.png
Fire Blazer
"The Fire Blazer gives your Fire Gloves a little extra oomph! It's my hottest design, dahling."

The Fire Blazer is an Outfit that can be crafted at Madame Couture's at a cost of one Mystery Extract, one Twisted Twig, one Lava Drop and 1,500 Rupees. It becomes available for purchase after Link completes The Lady's Lair. The Outfit features a black bodysuit and mask with flame motifs in the style of a superhero costume.

When Link wears the Fire Blazer, he will be able to throw three fireballs at once with the Fire Gloves; one larger fireball with two smaller ones trailing behind it. This does not consume any more of the Energy Gauge than a regular fireball.


The term "blazer" refers to both a large fire and a type of formal jacket.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseファイア仮面 (Faia Kamen)[2]Fire Mask
CanadaFrenchCATenue de flamelle[3]Flamelle outfit
Portmanteau of "flamme" (flame) and "flanelle" (flannel)
FranceFrenchEUTenue de flamelle[4] 
GermanyGermanFeuermaske[5]Fire Mask
ItalyItalianTenuta lanciafuoco[6] 
SpainSpanishEUAtuendo de fuego[7] 
Latin AmericaSpanishLAAtuendo de fuego[8] 
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