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Fires,(TAoL | ALttP | OoT | MM | OoS | OoA | TWW | FSA | TMC | TP | PH | ST | SS | ALBW | TFH | BotW)[16] also known as Flames,(LA | OoT | OoS | OoA | FS | TMC | PH | SS | TFH | BotW)[27] are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses[]

The Legend of Zelda[]

TLoZ Fire Sprite

In The Legend of Zelda, Link can use Fire to damage enemies and light dark rooms in Dungeons. Items that emit Fire are the Blue Candle, Red Candle, and the Magical Rod after obtaining the Book of Magic. Fire deals a damage of 1 to enemies. Link can also be damaged by the Fire he creates. Many characters, such as Old Men, Old Women, and Merchants, are found accompanied by two Fires. Four Fires are also found guarding Princess Zelda at the end of the game. Link can destroy these Fires with any Sword to reach Zelda.

The Adventure of Link[]

Link can use the Fire Magic to shoot Fire from the Magical Sword in The Adventure of Link.[28] Certain enemies use Fireballs to attack, such as Fiery Moas, Anerus, Bago-Bagos, and Fokkerus. Barba, the Boss of the Three-Eye Rock Palace, spits streams of Fire. The penultimate Boss of the Great Palace, Thunderbird, shoots balls of Fire at Link as it flies around the room.

A Link to the Past[]

In A Link to the Past, Link can use Fire with either the Lantern or the Fire Rod. The Lantern may only be used at close range, while the Fire Rod shoots a stream of Fire. Link can use Fire to light Torches and melt certain ice. Fire is effective against certain enemies, such as Freezors and Gibdos. When set on Fire, a Gibdo's bandages will burn off and they will become a Stalfos. Certain enemies attack with Fire, such as Zazaks, red Goriyas, Blazing Bats and Kodongos. Guruguru Bars and Winders are traps made of Fire. Trinexx, the Boss of Turtle Rock, shoots Fire from one of its heads.

Link's Awakening[]

Link encounters enemies and traps that use Fire in Link's Awakening, including Blazing Bats, Podoboos, Face Lamps, and Flame Fountains. The Boss of Turtle Rock, Hot Head, uses Fire against Link. Link can use Fire by swinging the Magic Rod, which shoots a ball of Fire that can reach faraway enemies and objects, such as unlit Torches.

Ocarina of Time[]

Volvagia OoT3D

The Fire-breathing dragon and Boss of the Fire Temple, Volvagia, from Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Link can use Fire with Fire Arrows and Din's Fire. He can also carry Fire by lighting a Deku Stick on a Fire. The Fire burns out after a short period of time or if Link puts the Deku Stick away. Certain enemies are weak to Fire,[3] while others use it against Link. Enemies that use Fire include Dodongos, Bubbles, Fire Keese, Torch Slugs, Wizzrobes, and Anubises. A Fire Eye is a trap that appears in the Shadow Temple and emits Fire when Link comes near. Rings of Fire commonly appear as an obstacle for Link, only allowing him to pass once the Fire has been deactivated, often by a Switch. Link can use Fire to light Torches, light his way through dark rooms, burn spider webs, ignite Bombs, and melt certain ice. Link can also melt a special type of Red Ice in the Ice Cavern by collecting Blue Fire in a Bottle and emptying it near the Ice. Link can shoot regular Arrows through lit Torches, which will light both the Arrow and the object it hits on Fire. This technique can be used to light other Torches or melt ice chunks like the ones that cover Eye Switches. If Link gets hit by Fire, he will light on fire for a temporary period of time and take additional damage as it burns him. If Link equips the Deku Shield as a child, the Shield can burn and become lost until he buys a new one. When Link defeats a Poe, its soul will break from its Lantern and appear as a small Fire that Link can contain in a Bottle.

Both Dodongo's Cavern and the Fire Temple are Fire-themed Dungeons with Fire-themed Bosses. The Boss of Dodongo's Cavern is the fire-breathing King Dodongo, while The Fire Temple houses the Flare Dancer mini-boss and the Fire-breathing dragon, Volvagia, as the main Boss. After completing Dodongo's Cavern, Link is rewarded with the Goron's Ruby, which is also known as the Spiritual Stone of Fire. Near the entrance of the Fire Temple in Death Mountain Crater, Sheik teaches Link the Bolero of Fire to allow him to teleport to that location any time with the Ocarina of Time. The Fire Temple also contains many traps that use Fire as obstacles for Link, such as Fire Barriers. At the end of the Fire Temple, Link meets Darunia, the Sage of Fire, at the Chamber of Sages and he rewards Link with the Fire Medallion. Koume, one of the two witches that make up Twinrova, possesses the power of Fire. As the Boss of the Spirit Temple, Twinrova attacks Link with Fire, with Koume using Fire in the first phase of the fight and the Fire half of Twinrova using it after they have fused into one being in the second phase. In the final battle with Ganon, a wall of Fire around the arena prevents Link from leaving.

Majora's Mask[]

In Majora's Mask, Link can use Fire to damage enemies and light Torches. Link can shoot Arrows through lit Torches to light the Arrow and the object it hits. Link can also carry Fire with Deku Sticks. Fire Arrows appear as the Dungeon item of the Snowhead Temple. Several enemies use Fire against Link, including Dodongos, Dinolfos, Bubbles, Fire Keese, and Wizzrobes. Fire Eyes also appear Beneath the Well. Rings of Fire appear as obstacles that block Link's path until deactivated. Certain banners on the walls of Ikana Castle are flammable, allowing Link to burn them away.

Oracle of Seasons[]

Link can use Fire to light Torches and damage enemies in Oracle of Seasons. Link can use Fire by tossing Ember Seeds in front of him or by shooting Ember Seeds with the Slingshot. Various enemies attack Link with Fire, including Fire Keese, Podoboos, Podoboo Towers, and Flame Traps. The mini-boss of the Sword & Shield Maze, Frypolar, is composed of Fire and uses Fire to attack. Twinrova also uses Fire attacks. In order to resurrect Ganon, Twinrova aims to light the Flame of Sorrow, the Flame of Destruction, and the Flame of Despair.

Oracle of Ages[]

In Oracle of Ages, Link can use Fire to light Torches and damage enemies. Link can use Fire by tossing Ember Seeds in front of him or by shooting Ember Seeds with the Seed Shooter. Various enemies attack Link with Fire, including Fire Keese, Podoboos, Podoboo Towers, and Flame Traps. The Essence of Time found in the Skull Dungeon is the Burning Flame. Twinrova also uses Fire attacks. In order to resurrect Ganon, Twinrova aims to light the Flame of Sorrow, the Flame of Destruction, and the Flame of Despair.

Four Swords[]

Although the Links cannot directly use Fire in Four Swords, various Torches appear throughout the game. Two Links can strike their Swords together to light a Torch. Podoboos are enemies composed of Fire. The Boss of Death Mountain is a a large sentient ball of Fire known as Gouen. At the end of Death Mountain, the Links meet the Great Fairy of Flame.

The Wind Waker[]


Fire Mountain from The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, Link can use Fire by shooting Fire Arrows. Certain enemies drop flammable Weapons like Boko Sticks that Link can pick up and use to light other flammable objects, such as wood. Some enemies attack with Fire, such as Fire Keese and Wizzrobes. Large geysers of Fire often appear both as an obstacle and a tool for reaching higher places. The Dragon Roost Cavern, the first Dungeon of the game, is Fire-themed. Jalhalla, the Boss of the Earth Temple, shoots Fire at Link from its Lantern. Fire Mountain is an island containing a large Volcano that perpetually erupts an inferno of lava and Fire.

Four Swords Adventures[]

In Four Swords Adventures, the Links can use Fire by shooting an Arrow through a lit Torch, using a Lamp, or by swinging a Fire Rod. The Links encounter a Moving House that they can move with four directional blowtorches that emit Fire opposite of the direction designated to move. The Tower of Flames is a Fire-themed area of the game. Several Dodongos appear as the Boss of the Tower of Flames and emit streams of Fire from their mouths. The Big Poe is a Boss that uses Fire to attack.

The Minish Cap[]

Link can use Fire in The Minish Cap by using the Flame Lantern. One of the Dungeons, the Cave of Flames, and the Fire Element it houses, is Fire-themed. The Boss of the Cave of Flames, Gleerok, spits streams of Fire as an attack. Traps and enemies that use Fire also appear, such as Fire Wizzrobes, Winders, Face Lamp, and Guruguru Bars. Within the lairs of Madderpillars are many webs that they produce that Link can burn away with the Flame Lantern.

Twilight Princess[]

In Twilight Princess, Link can use Fire with the Lantern. If Link uses the Lantern inside the Bomb Shop at Kakariko Village, the owner, Barnes, will put out the Fire with a stream of water from the ceiling. Link can extinguish lit Torches with the Gale Boomerang. The Wooden Shield and the Ordon Shield can be lit on Fire and lost. Link can buy Wooden Shields to replace them, but the Ordon Shield is permanently lost if burnt. The Goron Mines is a Fire-themed Dungeon with many enemies that attack with Fire, such as Dodongos, Torch Slugs, Fire Keese, and Fire Toadpolis. The Boss of the Goron Mines, Fyrus, attacks with Fire. In addition, Fire Bubbles can be found in the Arbiter's Grounds. Throughout the game, Link encounters Bulblins who shoot Arrows that are lit with Fire. The Boss of the City in the Sky is the Fire-breathing dragon, Argorok. While wearing the Zora Armor, Link loses more damage to Fire attacks.[29]

Phantom Hourglass[]

Link can use Fire by throwing his Boomerang through lit Torches in Phantom Hourglass. Link can light unlit Torches by using the Boomerang this way. There are many enemies that use Fire, such as Fire Bubbles, Fire Keese, and Face Lamps. The Temple of Fire is a Fire-themed Dungeon. Blaaz, the Master of Fire, is the Boss of the Temple of Fire that uses Fire to attack. The Boss of the Goron Temple, Dongorongo, spits balls of Fire at Link. The Boss of the Temple of Ice, Gleeok, is a two-headed dragon which has a red head that spits Fire.

Spirit Tracks[]

In Spirit Tracks, Link can use Fire by throwing his Boomerang through lit Torches. The Whirlwind is able to extinguish Fires. One of the four Realms, the Fire Realm, and the Fire Temple within, are Fire-themed areas in the game. The Boss of the Fire Temple is a giant golem of Fire known as Cragma. Traps and enemies that use Fire include Flaming Boulders, Guruguru Bars, Geozard Chiefs, Fire Babas, Fire Keese, and Torch Phantoms. Princess Zelda is able to possess Torch Phantoms and aid Link with the power of Fire, as she is able to attack with its flaming Sword and light dark environments.

Skyward Sword[]


Farore's Flame from Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, Fire is able to burn any of the three wooden Shields that Link can equip. These are the Wooden Shield, Banded Shield, and the Braced Shield. For this reason, Link must use other Shields to avoid losing his Shield in areas like the Eldin Province, which houses many enemies that attack with Fire, such as Lizalfos, Fire Keese, Magma Spumes, Pyrups, Furnixes, and Red Chuchus. The Eldin Province also contains two Fire-themed Dungeons, the Earth Temple and the Fire Sanctuary. The entrance to the Fire Sanctuary is initially blocked by streams of Fire that Link must extinguish with Water Fruit in order to pass. A common enemy and mini-boss found in the Fire Sanctuary is a hand composed of magma known as Magmanos which can attack Link with Fire. The Boss of the Earth Temple is a large beast made of lava known as Scaldera, which attacks with Fire. Link also meets the Fire Dragon, Eldin, who possesses the power of Fire.[30]

Throughout the second half of the game, Link must seek the three Sacred Flames which forge his Sword into the Master Sword. The Flames are Farore's Flame, Nayru's Flame, and Din's Flame.

A Link Between Worlds[]

Link can use Fire with the Lamp and the Fire Rod in A Link Between Worlds. Link can upgrade the Lamp to the Super Lamp by completing the advanced course of the Treacherous Tower in Lorule. The upgraded Lamp illuminates areas more brightly and deals eight times more damage than before. Link can either rent the Fire Rod or buy one from Ravio. After buying the Fire Rod, it can be upgraded to the Nice Fire Rod. Traps that use Fire include Winders and Fire Bubbles. Turtle Rock is a Fire-themed Dungeon containing many enemies and traps that attack with Fire, such as Fire Wizzrobes, Flamolas, and Guruguru Bars. The House of Gales also contains a mini-boss known as Heedles, which are a pair of flaming salamanders. Link can also encounter a Ball and Chain Soldier with a flaming Ball and Chain as a mini-boss in Lorule Castle.

Tri Force Heroes[]

In Tri Force Heroes, the Links can shoot Fire with the Fire Gloves. These Gloves emit a bouncing ball of Fire that is capable of lighting Torches and damaging enemies. The Links can upgrade the capabilities of the Fire Gloves by wearing the Fire Blazer Outfit. The Links can encounter many enemies that attack with Fire in the four Fire-themed Levels of the Volcano, such as Fire Gimos, Fire Keeleons, Fire Keese, and Red Kodongos. These Levels are the Blazing Trail, the Hinox Mine, the Den of Flames, and the Fire Temple. Throughout the Drablands, the Links also encounter traps and enemies that use Fire like Guruguru Bars, Sky Fire Chain Soldiers, Dark Sky Fire Chain Soldiers, and regular Ball and Chain Soldiers that equip flaming Ball and Chains.

Breath of the Wild[]

BotW Fire Rod Charge Attack

Link shooting several balls of Fire out of the Fire Rod from Breath of the Wild

Fire is a crucial element in Breath of the Wild. Fire interacts with the world, as much of the environment and items are flammable and capable of spreading Fire from object to object. This includes any wood or plant-life.[31] If in contact with fire, such as stepping in a Campfire, Link will light on fire and will suffer damage. Link can use Fire by shooting Arrows through Fire, shooting Fire Arrows, or lighting a flammable Weapon on Fire. Link can also use Weapons that possess the power of Fire, such as the Fire Rod, Meteor Rod, Flamespear, Flameblade, and Great Flameblade. Both Link and enemies can be set on Fire and damaged by it. Link must avoid equipping flammable Weapons, Shields, and Bows in the scorching areas of the Eldin Region, as they will burn and disappear if exposed for too long. Link must also equip the Flamebreaker Set or drink a Fireproof Elixir to gain Flame Guard and prevent himself from catching Fire in Eldin. While wearing the full Flamebreaker Set, Link possesses the Fireproof Set Bonus, which makes him immune to all Fire damage. Magma Bombs, large flaming meteors that fall from the sky, are also a hazard in Eldin. In Eldin, Link can also encounter Igneo Taluses and the Igneo Talus Titan, large enemies that will ignite Link on Fire if he is not equipped to protect himself from Fire. Other enemies that attack with Fire include Igneo Pebblits, Fire Wizzrobes, Meteo Wizzrobes, Rock Octoroks, Fire Chuchus, Fire-Breath Lizalfos, and Lynels. In addition, the lasers of Guardians will cause Fire to ignite upon impact. Fireblight Ganon, the Boss of the Divine Beast Vah Rudania, uses Fire attacks against Link. Calamity Ganon also uses Fire in the final battle at Hyrule Castle. Link can also encounter Dinraal, a dragon of Fire that wanders Hyrule and emits large Fires wherever it goes.

Link can use Fire to his advantage during battle, as it creates large updrafts when spreading along large areas of grass and allows him to Paraglide upwards and shoot enemies with Arrows. Link can also spread Fire across grass to certain enemy camps, which can be aided by the occurrence of wind, as it will blow the Fire to spread it quickly before it burns out. If Link shoots the Bomb Barrels that are often found at enemy camps with Fire Arrows, they will detonate and damage any enemy caught in the explosion. Link can also use Fire to burn various flammable Vines and leaves in the environment, which can sometimes reveal hidden Koroks and Ancient Shrines. Hateno Tower is covered in Vines which Link can burn to clear the climbing path. Link can use Fire in cold Regions to melt ice and protect himself from the cold. In addition, the banners on the walls of the Yiga Clan Hideout are flammable and certain ones conceal hidden alcoves, rooms, and passageways. Link can encounter Fire within various Shrines both as hazards and an element of a puzzle. Link can also find Cooking Pots and Campfires, which are lit with Fire. Link can Cook Food and Elixirs with various Materials at these Fires. Link can create his own Campfire by lighting a piece of Wood on Fire. Flint is a Material that ignites a quick burst of Fire when hit and destroyed with a non-flammable Weapon, making it useful for lighting Wood to create Campfires. Link can light unlit Torches with any source of Fire, but Link can save resources by doing so with a Torch, which will only lose its flame if Link puts it away.[32] In The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack, Link can encounter a Fire-themed room with Fire obstacles during the Final Trial.

A special type of Fire known as Blue Flame can be found near the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Link must bring Blue Flame to the Furnaces at these Tech Labs from nearby Ancient Furnaces to get them running again.

Non-canon Appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors[]

In Hyrule Warriors, Link can use Fire with a Fire Rod. Sheik can also use Fire by using the Bolero of Fire attack with a Harp. Lizalfos and Aeralfos breathe streams of Fire to attack. Other enemies that use Fire to attack are Big Poes and ReDead Knights. Many Bosses also attack with Fire, including Volga, Wizzro, and Cia. One of the Giant Bosses, King Dodongo, attacks by spitting giant balls of Fire. In addition, Argorok, another Giant Boss, is a Fire-breathing dragon that attacks by exhaling large streams of Fire.

Fire-Based Items[]

On his various adventures, Link will obtain certain objects for his Inventory that harness the power of fire. These items are often used to melt ice or to burn enemies, or simply to create fire.

Fire-related characters[]

Fire-themed areas[]

Fire-Based Enemies[]

Fire-Based bosses and mini-bosses[]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
GermanyGermanFeuer (SS)Same as English.
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