Finley is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Zora who is the daughter of the innkeepers Kodah and Kayden who run the Seabed Inn in Zora's Domain.


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Finley is the daughter of Kodah and Kayden who was born sometime after the Great Calamity. Though she appears to be child, Finley states she is at that awkward Zora age where she is a young woman who has not had her growth spurt during which time Zora reach maturity, indicating she is far older than she appears as Zora age differently than other races and have longer lifespans. However her mother Kodah treats her like a child such as forbidding her from visiting the Bank of Wishes due to the threat posed by Vah Ruta. As a result, before Link frees Vah Ruta, Finley can be found during the day in the Seabed Inn standing next to a letter she had hoped to send down river. Unlike the other female Zora who are "head over fins" for Prince Sidon, Finley has no interest in the Zora Prince and believes that each person has their own special "prince" (soul mate) out there for them. Despite having yet to reach full maturity, Finley seems to long for love and has been sending letters downriver from the Bank of Wishes as it is said if someone responds to a letter sent from there they will be the senders forever, indicating she longs to meet her special person. She becomes angry at her mother for treating her like a child and longs to meet the person who has been responding to her letters. At night she sleeps in one of the pools located under the throne room that young Zora sleep in at night.

Side Quest

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After Vah Ruta is freed, Finley can be found at the Bank of Wishes where she gives Link the side quest "Special Delivery" in which she asks him to follow her letter down the river to find who has been receiving her letters. Link must follow the letter downstream to Mercay Island where he finds a male Hylian named Sasan. Link must then talk to Sasan to trigger a cutscene after which Sasan will then travel to Zora's Domain to meet Finley. Link must then return to Zora's Domain where he must find Finley and Sasan, who reward him with a Gold Rupee completing the quest.

Interestingly, Finley is not the only member of her family to been smitten with a Hylian, as her mother Kodah was smitten with Link 100 years prior and even competed with Mipha for his affection, though she moved on after Link was thought to have perished during the Great Calamity.

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