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Main appearance(s)
Kodah (mother)[1]
Kayden (father)[1]
Sasan (boyfriend)[2][citation needed]

Finley is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Finley is a Zora from Zora's Domain. She can be found running around the Domain, upset that her mother Kodah will not let her go to the Bank of Wishes to send a letter, because of the supposed water monster.[clarification needed][4] Finley says it is condescending for her mother to still treat her like a child.[5] She says it is terrible to be at that awkward Zora age where she is a young woman but still has not had her growth spurt yet.[6] Finley believes she will never grow taller and laments that it is awful to be herself sometimes.[7] She doubts that Hylians have to deal with such nonsense since they age so fast.[8] If Link asks who she is, Finley tells the hero her name and says all the other girls are "head over flippers" for Sidon except her, as she believes everyone has their own special prince out there waiting for them.[9] When asked about the Bank of Wishes, Finley explains that it is a location halfway down Zora River.[10] She goes on to say that if a letter is sent down the Zora River from the Bank of Wishes and there is a reply, that person will be theirs forever.[11] When questioned about the letter, Finley reveals that she has a pen pal who she communicates with by tossing a letter in a bottle down Zora River.[12]

After the Divine Beast Vah Ruta has been appeased, Finley tells her mother that she is going to find a prince of her own.[13] Because of this, Finley can be found at the Bank of Wishes. She asks Link if he has a wish for the water fairy too, before realizing he does not have a letter.[14] Finley then asks if Link is a servant of the water fairy.[15] If he agrees with Finley's statement, she will tell him not to make fun of her just because she is a cute girl.[16] If Link says he is a traveler, Finley will express excitement.[17] Either way, Finley will request Link's help.[18] She asks Link to follow her love letter, a large container, when she releases it down the River to know whoever picks it up.[19] Finley says to report back to her so she can find out what kind of person received it.[20] She explains that she cannot do it herself because her mother does not want her to venture too far.[21] The Zora begs Link to find the person who picks up the letter.[22] Finley then throws the letter into the Zora River,[23] warning Link that the letter container breaks easily.[24] This initiates the Side Quest "Special Delivery".

After following the letter, a Hylian man named Sasan receives it.[25] He then proceeds to pursue the sender. Finley can then be found back in Zora's Domain listening to Sasan tell her his traveling stories.[26] Finally, she thanks Link for finding her "soul mate".[27]


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