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The Final Picture is an Object in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses[]

The Final Picture is a Picture inside Impa's House in Kakariko Village. After Link has found all twelve Recovered Memories depicted in the Album of the Sheikah Slate, Impa will decide to reveal the location of the last Memory.[2] Showing the Final Picture to him, Impa reveals that Princess Zelda asked her not to reveal it until he was ready.[3] She asks Link if it looks familiar, explaining that he can reach it from Kakariko Village in half a day.[4]

The location depicted is a scene of Ash Swamp, which is west of Fort Hateno. When Link arrives there, he will be able to recover "Zelda's Awakening".


  • If the player has taken a Picture of the Final Picture, Link will pull out the Sheikah Slate to view it before recalling the memory, like he does for other Recovered Memories.


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