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You may also wish to see Figurines in The Minish Cap.

Figurines are small sculptures of characters and enemies in The Wind Waker. They can be obtained and viewed in the Nintendo Gallery after a suitable Pictograph of the subject is shown to Carlov.

There are 134 figurines to collect in total. 17 of these are collected under special circumstances.

Hall A: Forest Haven Figurines[]

Figurine Description Subject(s)
TWW Aldo Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Aldo flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest.
He's responsible for the forest on an island one square east of the Forest Haven.
TWW Carlov the Sculptor Figurine Model
Carlov the Sculptor
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Nintendo Gallery Master

With unmatched talent, he is the world's greatest sculptor. It's said the reason he won't let anyone watch him sculpt is because he does so in his underwear.
Lately, his club has been losing membership because he hasn't done anything "cool" with it, but as long as Link hangs around, everything will be all right!
TWW Deku Tree Figurine Model
Deku Tree
Birthplace: The Forest Haven

The Deku Tree is both an earth spirit and the guardian of the forest. He has lived for many long years, so his wisdom is vast.

However, since his roots run deep into the earth, he cannot move. As a result, he is often afflicted by parasitic enemies...
TWW Drona Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Drona flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest.
He is responsible for the forest on an island one square west and one square north of the Forest Haven.
TWW Elma Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Elma flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest.
He is responsible for the forest on an island five squares west and one square north of the Forest Haven.
TWW Fado Figurine Model
Birthplace: Kokiri Forest
Personality: Somewhat saucy

Long, long ago the Kokiri sage, Fado, offered up his prayers in the Wind Temple so that the Master Sword would continue to house the power to repel evil.
TWW Hollo Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

Even after the Korok ceremony, Hollo remains in the Forest Haven researching potion-making.

He'll make a potion that replenishes both life energy and magic power for you if you bring him Boko Baba seeds.
Onjalla! Manjalla! CHO-WAY!
TWW Irch Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Irch flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest.
He is responsible for the forest on an island three squares west of the Forest Haven.
TWW Linder Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Linder flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest.
He is responsible for the forest on an island four squares west and two squares north of the Forest Haven.
TWW Makar Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
Personality: Frivolous

Makar is in charge of the musical performance at the ceremony held each year by the Koroks in the Forest Haven.

The instrument he uses appears to be a cello, but it is actually a violin...
TWW Manny Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Thing: Figurines

He used to always sit at home and rarely go outside, but his passion for the Nintendo Gallery kept him moving and he finally earned membership in it.
TWW Oakin Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Oakin flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest.
He is responsible for the forest on an island four squares west and five squares north of the Forest Haven.
TWW Olivio Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Olivio flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest.
He's responsible for the forest on an island one square west and three squares north of the Forest Haven.
TWW Rown Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits

After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Rown flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest.
He is responsible for the forest on an island four squares west and four squares north of the Forest Haven.

Hall B: Dragon Roost Island Figurines[]

Figurine Description Subject(s)
TWW Baito Figurine Model
Birthplace: Unknown
Personality: Earnest

Baito is very earnest when it comes to mastering a job. He often misses his mother and gets homesick, which can be quite hard on him.

He wants to be like Link.

TWW Basht & Bisht Figurine Model
Basht & Bisht
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Occupation: Island police

Being extremely honest and sincere Ritos, they were chosen to be the island's police force. When you talk to them, they speak frankly about the events on the island.
TWW Hoskit Figurine Model
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island

His biggest worry is getting a present for his girlfriend. He looks quite easy-going, but he's always thinking of his girlfriend. He values his friends tremendously.
TWW Ilari Figurine Model
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Occupation: Windfall Island Postman

Ilari is quite kind as long as he's composed, but when things don't go well, he quickly grows impatient and can get wrought with his speech.

He apparently has a hard time remembering people's faces...
TWW Koboli Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Occupation: Mail sorter

Koboli is the third generation in a family of postmen, but rumor has it that an ancestor of his in an age gone by was also a postman...
TWW Kogoli Figurine Model
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island

He always seems to be worrying about the state of the island, but no one has ever seen him working to improve it...
TWW Komali Figurine Model
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Mama's boy

Komali has very little confidence in himself and thus closed himself off from the world outside his tribe's aerie.

With just little help from Link, though, he has regained his confidence and has at least begun to show signs of being a confident and mature Rito adult.
TWW Laruto Figurine Model
Birthplace: Zora's Domain

Long, long ago the Zora sage, Laruto, offered up her prayers in the Earth Temple so that the Master Sword would continue to house the power to repel evil.
TWW Medli Figurine Model
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Serious and sincere

Medli is Valoo's attendant, and as such puts incredible effort into everything she does. Even so, there are times when she seems to be spinning her wheels.

Her greatest treasure is her harp that she carries on her back.
TWW Namali Figurine Model
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Worrisome

Namali doesn't really have any distinct characteristics per se...
TWW Obli Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Hobby: Dressing up

Obli has such an unhealthy obsession with the Ritos that he's begun dressing as a Rito and running the famed Bird-Man Contest.

He's the older of the laudable brothers who host the contest.
TWW Pashli Figurine Model
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Gentle

For reasons unknown, Pashli's always busy.
TWW Quill the Postman Figurine Model
Quill the Postman
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Dutiful, passionate

Quill has courage, if nothing else. He is admired by his fellow Rito and the chieftain places great trust in him.
TWW The Rito Chieftain Figurine Model
The Rito Chieftain
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Head of the Rito tribe

The chieftain is a very gifted leader who is adored by his people. Due to his position, he must be strict with his relations, but as with any father, he worries about his son.
TWW Skett & Akoot Figurine Model
Skett & Akoot
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Occupation: The Chieftain's Guards

Skett and Akoot are said to be number-one and number-two Ritos when it comes to talent and strength, which is why they are the chieftain’s guards.

The main reason they get along so well is because they are childhood friends. Their style of speech can be considered somewhat antiquated.
TWW Valoo Figurine Model
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Sky Spirit

Valoo has lived on Dragon Roost Island and protected the Ritos since long, long ago. He has a habit of speaking only Hylian, which only his attendant, Medli, grasps.
TWW Willi Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Hobby: Dressing up

Willi used to be a very average carpenter on Windfall. He so longed to soar the skies that he began dressing as a Rito. He's the younger of a laudable pair of siblings.
TWW Zephos & Cyclos Figurine Model
Zephos & Cyclos
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Sibling deities who control the wind

Zephos and Cyclos are two light-hearted deities who teach Link the Wind's Requiem and the Ballad of the Gales.

Hall C: Enemies[]

Figurine Description Subject(s)
TWW Armos Figurine Model
Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Vulnerability: Arrows

These small statues shift into autopilot and attack prey. Shoot them in the eyes with an arrow to silence them, then destroy them by hacking their crystal backs.
TWW Armos Knight Figurine Model
Armos Knight
Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Vulnerability: Bombs

These auto-homing statues were created to deter intruders. To destroy them, you must toss bombs into their gaping mouths.
TWW Boko Baba Figurine Model
Boko Baba
Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Spoils: Boko Baba Seeds

These creatures that mimic Baba Buds attempt to swallow anything that comes near. Defeat them by stunning them with a jump attack and then cutting their stems.
TWW Bokoblin Figurine Model
Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Spoils: Joy Pendants
These little imps wield sharp machetes and Boko sticks when attacking. If they have no weapon, they'll attempt to fight hand-to-hand.
TWW Red Bubble & Blue Bubble Figurine Model
Red Bubble & Blue Bubble
Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Stronger Form: Blue Bubble

The cursed blue flames of the Blue Bubble steal the power away from all of your attacks. Bubbles can be easily blown away by the Deku Leaf.
TWW ChuChu Figurine Model
Habitat: Varied
Spoils: Chu Jelly

There are ChuChus of many different colors, all with their own distinct characteristics. In general, they are most susceptible to projectile weapons.
TWW Floormaster Figurine Model
Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Personality: Surprisingly lonely

These creatures use their long hands to grab their victims, which they then yank into another room. They occasionally grab nearby vases and throw them.
TWW Gyorg Figurine Model
Habitat: The Great Sea
Weakness: Projectiles

These so-called ocean killing machines are plentiful in the Great Sea. You should attack them with arrows or bombs before they're able to knock you into the sea.
TWW Kargaroc Figurine Model
Habitat: Dragon Roost
Spoils: Golden Feathers

These fierce and dangerous opponents often carry Bokoblins and Moblins into battle. You can use your Grappling Hook to steal their Golden Feathers.
TWW Keese & Fire Keese Figurine Model
Keese & Fire Keese
Habitat: Dragon Roost Cavern
Least Favorite Thing: Projectiles

These bats fly around dark places and attack anything that moves. Great care should be taken around Fire Keeses that appear during times of volcanic activity.
TWW Magtail Figurine Model
Habitat: Dragon Roost Cavern
Weakness: Water

These creatures are covered in a hard exoskeleton that not even the searing heat of lava can penetrate. Their eyes are their only weakness. Magtails can be picked up and carried around when they've rolled into a defensive position.
TWW Miniblin Figurine Model
Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Talent: Herd movements

These little beasts are quick and agile. They scurry along walls and gather in great numbers. You should deal with them individually so they don't surround you.
TWW Morth Figurine Model
Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Least Favorite Thing: Deku Leaves

These creatures attack in groups and cling to the bodies of their prey. A spin attack is the best way to shake them off. They're light and vulnerable to Deku Leaf blasts.
TWW Octorok Figurine Model
Habitat: The Forest Haven, Great Sea
Winner of the Perfect Attendance Award (TWW)
Series: Exemplary enemy (TWWHD)

When approached, these creatures tend to hide in the water. They can easily be defeated by reflecting the rocks they shoot with a sword or shield.
TWW Peahat Figurine Model
Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Talent: Rotating

These strange creatures use their propeller-like wings to float in midair. They can be easily knocked out of the sky with either projectiles or a Deku Leaf.
TWW Poe Figurine Model
Habitat: Earth Temple
Best Attack: Possession

These ghostly creatures have no physical form, so physical attacks pass right

through them. Shining light on them with the Mirror Shield makes them take form.

TWW Rat Figurine Model
Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Favorite Food: All-Purpose Bait

These creatures attack spontaneously and attempt to steal Rupees. The ones that carry bombs around are apparently known as Bombchus.
TWW ReDead Figurine Model
Habitat: Earth Temple
Least Favorite Thing: Mirror Shield

These undead creatures live only in the darkest depths of the earth. Their icy cold gazes paralyze their victims with fear. Try to attack them from behind.
TWW Seahat Figurine Model
Habitat: The Great Sea
Weakness: Projectiles

These tremendous flying fish can be found only on the Great Sea. They tend to ram ships to knock their prey into the sea, so it is best to attack them from a distance.

Hall D: Bosses and Mini-Bosses[]


Figurine Description Subject(s)
TWW Big Octo Figurine Model
Big Octo
Habitat: Great Sea
Effective Weapons: Projectiles

There are said to be six of these legendary giant squid in different reaches of the Great Sea. When ships pass by, they create tremendous currents to try to sink them.
The only way to escape is to shoot all of their weak spots - their eyes - with projectiles before being sucked in.
TWW Darknut Figurine Model
Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Spoils: Knight's Crest

These mighty knights are protected by heavy-duty armor. Rather than attacking from the front, it might be best to slip around behind them and cut their armor off.
TWW Darknut Figurine Model
Habitat: Earth Temple
Spoil: Knight's Crest

These knights are well protected by their round bucklers and mighty armor. If you use a parry attack to jump up and knock off their helmets, it'll spell their doom.
TWW Ganondorf Figurine Model
Base of Operations: Ganon's Castle
Effective Weapons:
Light Arrows, Master Sword
The possessor of the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf controls many fell beasts.

It is useless for Link to try to face him alone. He must look for an ally who can aid him in battle.
TWW Gohdan, the Great Arbiter Figurine Model
Gohdan, the Great Arbiter
Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Effective Weapon: Arrows

This monstrous machine was created by the gods as a trial for the great hero. You can drop it to the ground only by piercing its hands and face with arrows.
Once it has fallen, you can defeat it by immediately tossing a bomb inside it.
Oddly enough, arrows occasionally drop from its nostrils.
TWW Gohma Figurine Model
Habitat: Dragon Roost Island
Effective Weapon: Grappling Hook

This gigantic shelled insect inhabits areas of lava and magma. The only way to penetrate its hard bio-armor would be to drop an entire sheet of bedrock on it.
TWW The Monstrous Helmaroc King Figurine Model
The Monstrous Helmaroc King
Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Master: Ganondorf

The Helmaroc King is a monstrous bird that has been fitted with a mighty steel mask. Once the mask has been split with a hammer, its tender beak will be revealed.
TWW Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal Figurine Model
Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal
Habitat: Earth Temple
Underlings: Poes

This gigantic ghost rules over all Poes. After reflecting light onto it with the Mirror Shield, you can lift it and throw it around.
TWW Kalle Demos Figurine Model
Kalle Demos
Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Favorite Thing: Makar

This plant-monster is a gigantic parasite that lives in the depths of the Forbidden Woods.

Only by cutting loose all of its disgusting tentacles with the Boomerang will its tender core be revealed.
TWW Mighty Darknut Figurine Model
Mighty Darknut
Habitat: Hyrule Castle
Spoil: Knight's Crest

These are Darknut captains. Some wear capes that must be burned or cut off before their armor straps can be cut.
TWW Moblin Figurine Model
Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Spoils: Skull Necklaces

These mighty enemies swing their long spears with the greatest of ease. They've knocked Link around with that attack countless times.
TWW Molgera, Protector of the Seal Figurine Model
Molgera, Protector of the Seal
Habitat: Wind Temple
Effective Weapon: Hookshot

This evil guardian burrows deep into sand. Use the Hookshot to draw out its tender tongue, then slash at it with your blade.
TWW Mothula Figurine Model
Habitat: Forbidden Woods
Effective Weapons: Deku Leaf, projectiles

This gigantic moth scatters its scales through the air. Even using projectiles to clip its wings won't assure safety - it can still run around swiftly and release larvae.
TWW Phantom Ganon Figurine Model
Phantom Ganon
Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
Effective Weapons: Light Arrows, Master Sword

This is a phantom that Ganondorf created in his own likeness. Use your sword to knock back the balls of magic that he hurls, then attack him when he's stunned.

Actually, you can also use empty bottles to deflect his magic attacks.
TWW Puppet Ganon Figurine Model
Puppet Ganon
Habitat: Ganon's Castle
Effective Weapon: Light Arrows

This is a gigantic marionette created by Ganon himself. It transforms into three different shapes, but all are vulnerable to rays of light.

Rather than shooting randomly at it, try to deduce when it can be easily targeted and then take advantage of your chance.
TWW Stalfos Figurine Model
Habitat: Earth Temple
Weakness: Its head

These skeleton warriors attack by violently swinging their gigantic maces around. Even if they're shattered to pieces, they'll reform unless their heads are destroyed.
TWW Wizzrobe Figurine Model
Habitat: Wind Temple
Magic: Summons

These high-level mages use the magic of summoning to aid them in battle. They are the only Wizzrobes that can summon other Wizzrobes, which makes them formidable.
TWW Wizzrobe Figurine Model
Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Magic: Fire, Summons

These mighty mages are adept at wielding flame and summoning other creatures to their aid.

The only way to defeat them is to try to predict their movements and attack them during the brief moments that they assume physical form.

Hall E: Outset Island Figurines[]

Name Figurine Description
TWW Abe Figurine Model
Birthplace: Outset Island
Greatest Treasure: His family

Abe is a family man who takes good care of his wife and two kids. In his younger days, his dashing good looks and baritone voice made him quite the ladies’ man.

Then one day, he was instantly smitten by a woman named Rose. Even though he was consistently rebuffed, he persisted and finally convinced Rose to marry him.
TWW Aryll Figurine Model
Birthplace: Outset Island
Personality: Kind and true to her family

Link's energetic younger sister is adored by all who meet her. Her current goal is to learn how to fetch water so she can help out her grandmother.

Her most treasured belonging is a telescope bearing a drawing of a seagull.
TWW Crab Figurine Model
Birthplace: Unknown
Talent: Crab-walking

These creatures are crabs, plain and simple.
TWW Link's Grandma Figurine Model
Link's Grandma
Birthplace: Outset Island
Personality: Worrywart

This kind old woman works hard to raise her two grandchildren. She's a very

talented cook - her special Elixir Soup is sure to raise anyone's spirit.

She can be somewhat mischievous and enjoys playing the occasional prank on Link.

TWW Jabun Figurine Model
Birthplace: Greatfish Isle
Water Spirit

Jabun can only speak Hylian, so hardly anyone understands a word he says.
TWW Joel Figurine Model
Birthplace: Outset Island
Main Interest: Sticks

Joel's dream is to grow up as soon as he can so he can jump across boulders just like Link.

Both he and his younger brother, Zill, distinctly resemble their father.
TWW Mesa Figurine Model
Birthplace: Outset Island
Personality: Slacker

Mesa performs his chores at very much his own pace. His vegetable patch is always full of weeds and he spends most of the year trying to clear it out.

He's surprisingly timid and often can't fall asleep at night. He's currently looking for a wife.
TWW Orca Figurine Model
Birthplace: Outset Island
Talent: Swordplay

In his younger days, Orca had hoped to be a swordsman, but after he suffered a serious injury that ended that dream. He soon returned to Outset and became a fisherman.

On a ledge on one wall of his house is a memento from his days of training with a blade. Orca is a lifelong bachelor.
TWW Rose Figurine Model
Birthplace: Outset Island
Favorite thing: Animals

The mother of Joel and Zill, Rose a woman of refreshingly simple tastes...but she's a demanding mother. She has the bad habit of trying to laugh her way out of lies.
TWW Seagull Figurine Model
Birthplace: Unknown
Talent: Flying

Seagulls soar freely over the Great Sea. They love Hyoi Pears above all other foods, and eating them simply steals their hearts.
TWW Sturgeon Figurine Model
Birthplace: Outset Island
Peronality: Extremely serious

Known as Outset's living encyclopedia, Sturgeon is quite wise, boasting an abnormally high IQ.

He has extremely sensitive nerves - quite the opposite of his younger brother, Orca, who lives downstairs. Surprisingly, Sturgeon was an accomplished swordsman in his youth.
TWW Sue-Belle Figurine Model
Place of birth: Windfall Island
Personality: Serious

Sue-Belle was born and raised on Windfall, but she became concerned for the health of her grandfather, Sturgeon, so she decided to move to live with him on Outset Island.

Morning, noon and night, she fills vases with water and carries them on her head from the well to their house. Strangely enough, she actually enjoys the task.
TWW Wild Pig Figurine Model
Wild Pig
Birthplace: Unknown
Talent: Digging holes

Wild Pigs are found primarily in the fields of Outset Island. They love All-Purpose Bait above all other foods, and when they eat it they can't help but tear into the earth.
TWW Zill Figurine Model
Birthplace: Outset Island
Talent: Sniffling

Zill is a hyper-inquisitive young boy who speaks his thoughts as soon as they come to mind. He can often strike a nerve without realizing it.

He likes to imitate his older brother, Joel. And strangely enough, it seems that he actually lets his nose run on purpose...

Hall F: Windfall Island Figurines[]

Figurine Description Subject(s)
TWW Anton Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Activity: Kickboxing

The reason his second-favorite hobby is taking walks is because it keeps his legs in shape. He's had his eye on a certain young lady lately.
TWW Candy the Sailor Figurine Model
Candy the Sailor
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Good at Cooking: Grapes

At first glance, Candy looks a little intimidating, but he's actually extremely kind and quite knowledgeable. He's always happy to share his knowledge, too.

He is energetic and sort of a scamp for a seventeen year old.
TWW Bomb-Master Cannon Figurine Model
Bomb-Master Cannon
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Mood: Shifts violently

Cannon is the world's only maker of bombs. He considers himself a magician with gunpowder and other explosives. His hairstyle is as unique as his talent.
TWW Dampa the Sailor Figurine Model
Dampa the Sailor
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Animal: Pigs

Dampa recently got some pet pigs, and now they're all he can think about. He really confirms the old adage about pets and their owners.
TWW The Potion Master, Doc Bandam Figurine Model
The Potion Master, Doc Bandam
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Food: Chu Jelly

Doc Bandam spends his days researching ChuChus in his potion shop. He visits Pawprint Island now and then to collect the Chu Jelly he uses to make his potions.

He considers himself a potion artist, and like an artist, he's quite whimsical.
TWW Garrickson Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Personality: Passionate

He is constantly thinking of someone on a faraway island. He's apparently a very passionate man, and he has a very hip sense of fashion.
TWW Gillian Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Workplace: The Cafe Bar

Gillian manages the cafe in place of her now-ill father. It seems she once had a boyfriend, but that info is TOP-SECRET!
TWW Gossack Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Personality: Not brave

There isn't much to say about Gossack.
TWW Gummy the Sailor Figurine Model
Gummy the Sailor
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Spice: Pepper

No one knows where he gets his spending money from, but this nifty sailor spends night after night unwinding at the auction.
TWW Kamo Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Years With No Girlfriend: 18

Ever the romantic, Kamo loves to gaze at the night sky. He and his dear friend Linda were once classmates at Mrs. Marie's School.
TWW Kane the Sailor Figurine Model
Kane the Sailor
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Occupation: Artist

Long ago, Kane longed to be an artist or a sculptor, but circumstances in his home life forced him to become a sailor. He's still critical of all artistic expression, though.
TWW Windfall's Gang of Boys, the Killer Bees Figurine Model
Windfall's Gang of Boys, the Killer Bees
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Main Objective: Raising trouble

This small group of four calls itself the Killer Bees. Starting from left, the members are:

The leader, Ivan:
A very talented and reliable leader. Leave all tree climbing to him.

Jin, the fox:
Ivan's quick-witted adviser. His wry insults can be hard to take.

Jan, the blue-hair:
Uses his innocent looks to avert trouble. He's the Killer Bee's Thug.

The pig-nosed, Jun-Roberto:
Secretly aims to be the next gang leader. He was raised in a bourgeois family and has developed into a terrible little tyrant.

When these four are together, they fear absolutely nothing!
TWW Kreeb Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Least Favorite Proverb: "Only smoke and fools love high places."

This young guy's trademark is his yellow hat. He seems to have an unusual interest in the town's ferris wheel and lighthouse.
TWW The Pictographer, Lenzo Figurine Model
The Pictographer, Lenzo
Birthplace: Unknown
Personality: Hard to grasp

Lenzo is a famed pictographer known to all. His mysterious personality is quite popular with the ladies in town.
TWW Linda Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Best Friend: Sue-Belle

Lately, her childhood friend, the delicate Kamo, has become smitten with her, but she's apparently completely oblivious to his feelings.
TWW Maggie Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Thing: Love and Romance

Maggie was dirt-poor before being kidnapped and held captive in the Forsaken Fortress. She's quite popular with all boys... but she prefers "wild" boys over all others.

Lately she has taken to writing poems and will soon be publishing one entitled "A Woman's Heart is Blue."
TWW Maggie's Father Figurine Model
Maggie's Father
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Personality: Not particularly good

Surprisingly, Maggie's father is quite confident that he is the epitome of fashion. It would probably be more accurate to say that the clothes he wears are "distinct."

He seems to especially like vintage clothes and jewelry.
TWW Mila Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Personality: Harsh

This poor girl was filthy rich until she got rescued from her prison in the Forsaken Fortress.

Now that her family has fallen on hard times, she works for the shop on Windfall Island to help ease their hardship.
TWW Mila's Father Figurine Model
Mila's Father
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Thing: Money

His hobby was once collecting expensive vases, but unfortunately, they were the kind of vase one wants to break as soon as one catches sight of them.

Those who did and were forced to compensate him for his loss were said to regret it afterward.
TWW Minenco Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Thing: Pictographs

This former beauty became famous after being dubbed Miss Windfall Island...about forty years ago. There isn't a younger woman who could take that title away.
TWW The Joyful Teacher, Mrs. Marie Figurine Model
The Joyful Teacher, Mrs. Marie
Birthplace: Windfall Island
This Year's Lucky Number: 20

This year marks the twentieth year this splendid individual has worked as Windfall's school teacher. Her hobby is collecting Joy Pendants.

Her goal in life is to raise unique and creative students. The most unique thing she's ever created is her own hairstyle.
TWW Missy Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Her son: Dampa the Sailor

She's just an ordinary elderly woman.
TWW Pompie & Vera Figurine Model
Pompie & Vera
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Hobby: Gossiping

Pompie and Vera are the town's most talkative pair of ladies, and they are always spreading idle gossip. Lately they've been obsessed with Lenzo.
TWW Potova & Joanna Figurine Model
Potova & Joanna
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Nickname: The Little Tipsters

These two girls are talented at hitting on islands rumors, seemingly without any tips or advise from others. Children can be really frightening sometimes.
TWW Sam Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Spot: The sea view bench

He thinks that a little composure is of the utmost importance in life. Sam's a card-carrying member of the Joyous Volunteer Association.
TWW Tott Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Talent: Dancing

This young fellow dreams of becoming a professional dancer. He dances before a

strange stone monument day and night.

This smooth dancer may still be practicing, but he's also recruiting for a partner! ♪

TWW The Shop Guru, Zunari Figurine Model
The Shop Guru, Zunari
Birthplace: A C-C-Cold Island
Pet Phrase: "Dear me!"

Even on the hottest day of summer, Zunari can be found in his shop, wearing the beloved hood that his mother made for him. He keeps a great treasure in his safe there.

On a side note, he turns 40 this year and is now recruiting for a wife.

Hall G: Great Sea Figurines[]

Figurine Description Subject(s)
TWW Ankle Figurine Model
Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Proverb: "One may as well hang for a stolen sheep as for a stolen lamb."

Since being taught how to decipher maps by his older brother Tingle, Ankle has been supporting his good-for-nothing twin brother Knuckle.

The only time he feels he can truly be himself is when he's tending to the Tingle Island flower garden.
TWW Beedle Figurine Model
Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Thing: Bugs (especially beetles)

A businessman by nature, Beedle's sales pitch is unmatched. He hopes to open a chain of trading posts where people can buy, sell, or trade anything.
TWW David Jr. Figurine Model
David Jr.
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Occupation: Treasure hunter

Seventeen-year-old David Jr. set out to sea with dreams of finding the treasure of the Ghost Ship that his now-deceased father once saw.

He gets seasick quite easily and was in just such a state when he awoke in a daze on Tingle Island.

Ankle told him that "self comes before wealth" and he's been working in the tower ever since. He really hates the uniform.
TWW Fairy Figurine Model
Birthplace: Unknown
First Impression: Good

Fairies are the most reliable of creatures. When their master's life energy has been depleted, they immediately come to his or her aid. They can be carried in bottles.
TWW Fishman Figurine Model
Birthplace: The Great Sea
Personality: Honorable, dutiful, and surly

Apparently, these fish were aided long ago by the King of Red Lions, which is why they're now willing to offer Link valuable information.

Unfortunately, much of their information is off the mark. For many long years they have suffered from stiff necks, but none of them know how to cure it.
TWW Gonzo Figurine Model
Personality: Short-tempered
Favorite Thing: Tetra

Leader of Tetra's family of pirates, Gonzo seems to be quite strong...but he cries at the drop of a hat.
TWW Great Fairy Figurine Model
Great Fairy
Birthplace: Angular Isles
Talent: Powering-up

The seven Great Fairies who are destined to aid the Great Hero by increasing his powers are hiding in seven different reaches of the Great Sea.
TWW King of Hyrule Figurine Model
King of Hyrule
King of Hyrule

The king of Hyrule was unable to protect his kingdom from evil and left its fate up to the gods. The King of Red Lions is merely his disguise.

His full name is one that is truly fit for royalty: Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule.
TWW Knuckle Figurine Model
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Carver

Knuckle is another of Tingle's younger brothers-he happens to be Ankle's twin. He finished carving Tingle Tower when he was ten years old. The head is his studio.

(The Wind Waker only) Supposedly, he felt unsatisfied completing his collection without this figure. He loves his special vertically aligned Tingle Tuner.

(The Wind Waker HD only) Supposedly, it used to bother him that this collection was considered complete, even without his figurine.
TWW Link & the King of Red Lions Figurine Model
Link & the King of Red Lions
Birthplace: Outset Island
Favored Hand: Left

The Hero of Wind, Link uses the Wind Waker to control the wind and sail the seas on his mysterious boat (which is actually the King of Hyrule).

Surprisingly, he seems to have an unnatural interest in figurines and has at last completed his collection! He is now the master of the Nintendo Gallery.
TWW Loot the Sailor Figurine Model
Loot the Sailor
Birthplace: Windfall Island
His Only Fear: The Merman

Loot spends his days working far from home at the Boating Course. He takes his earnings straight to the Cafe Bar on Windfall to enjoy a relaxing beverage.
TWW Mako Figurine Model
Personality: At first glance, quiet
Least Favorite Thing: Having his glasses touched by strangers.

Mako is called the brains of the ship and the king of invention. He may look like a weakling, but his glasses give him keen eyesight, and he's unstoppable when mad.

Not many know this, but he keeps a knife hidden in that thick book of his.
TWW Niko Figurine Model
Personality: Merry
Least Favorite Thing: Gonzo's underwear

Niko is the bottom rang on the pirate ladder, so he's responsible for all the odd jobs on the ship.

He's quite childish and rarely thinks of the consequences of his actions. Even so, he shows signs of having what it takes to move up the pirate ladder.
TWW Nudge Figurine Model
Personality: Who knows?
Talent: Sewing

Nudge seems to understand Tetra best of all the pirates and often counsels her in her decision making. He's actually stronger than Gonzo.
TWW Old Man Ho Ho Figurine Model
Old Man Ho Ho
Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Thing: Telescopes

Old man Ho Ho found his first telescope after retiring from his job and has been traveling in search of new sights ever since.

A new discovery always awaits at the far end of his telescope.
TWW Princess Zelda Figurine Model
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda is the legitimate heir to the Hyrulean royal family. She is actually the pirate Tetra.
TWW Queen of Fairies Figurine Model
Queen of Fairies
Birthplace: Fairy Island
Talent: Empowering arrows with fire and ice

She appears to be but a child, but she is much greater and more powerful than the Great Fairies. She will grant Link the power to add fire and ice to his arrows.
TWW Salvage Corp Figurine Model
Salvage Corp
Birthplace: Angular Isles
Talent: Searching for sunken treasure

These young men found friendship through their common interest in searching for sunken treasure. Soon afterward, they formed the Salvage Corp.

With their first haul of treasure, all they could afford to buy was their diving suits. Now they dream of finding that one huge haul that makes them all rich.

They are currently searching for the legendary treasure sunken beneath the sea.
TWW Salvatore Figurine Model
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Talent: Drawing pictures

Long ago, Salvatore hoped to be a famous painter, but that dream didn't last long. He eventually returned to his hometown and came up with his current business plan.

It's been a huge success, allowing him to purchase his own island, where he has opened up the second store in what he hopes will become a huge chain.

He's now busy trying to think up that one idea that will spark his next big endeavor.
TWW Senza Figurine Model
Personality: Mild-mannered
Talent: Ummm...talking, maybe?

Senza is in charge of keeping the pirate ship in order. He's a mild-mannered speaker, but his persuasive skills are said to be unmatched.
TWW Tetra Figurine Model
Personality: Elusive
Tetra seems bossy and strong willed, but she's actually quite kind.

Orphaned at a young age, Tetra followed in her mother's footsteps, becoming a pirate and watching after her mother's gang of lovable swabbies.

Tetra and her crew are in search of a legendary treasure hidden beneath the waves of the Great Sea.
TWW Tingle Figurine Model
Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Things: Fairies, deciphering maps

It's been several years since Tingle first became enchanted with deciphering maps in the hopes it would help him find fairies, and he's lost many things during that time.

He's raising funds to begin his search for fairies, hoping to embark sometime in his thirties, while the lust of life is still upon him. At the age of 35, the pressure's on!
TWW Wandering Merchant Figurine Model
Wandering Merchant
Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Food: Rocks

These businessmen are traveling the world in search of curios and oddities, each with the hope of someday opening his own shop.

Nobody knows where these wandering merchants have come from or where they're headed.
TWW Zuko Figurine Model
Personality: Taciturn
Talent: Spying

Zuko is in charge of keeping watch. His sharp eyes can read signs a mile off, but no one really understands what he says, so they rarely know what he's seen.