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Fiery Aeralfos are an enemy and sub-species of Aeralfos that appear in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

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Fiery Aeralfos first appear in The Shadow King as members of Zant's Forces. They act as Enforcers along with ReDead Knights. In The Sacred Sword they appear as members of the Dark Forces summoned by Wizzro to prevent the Hyrulean Forces from reaching the Master Sword, with two acting as Gatekeepers preventing the Door of Time from opening, requiring Link to defeat them in order to access the chamber containing the Sacred Pedestal where the Master Sword resides.

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Fiery Aeralfos

A Fiery Aeralfos in Hyrule Warriors

Fiery Aeralfos are presumably named due to the fiery red coloration of their leathery scales, blue colored eyes, and possess colorful pattern on the membrane of their wings which normal Aeralfos lack. They bodies also occasionally be seen shrouded in fire, in a manner similar to Fire Keese and the Hyrule Warriors incarnation of ReDead Knights.


Fiery Aeralfos share many traits in common with their brethren and as such fight using the same tactics as Aeralfos such as breathing fire and aerial attacks. Like Aeralfos, they are vulnerable to the Hookshot and Clawshot while in the air (however more powerful Fiery Aeralfos gain some immunity to this, however are still susceptible to Focus Spirit and Extra-Effective Item Attacks).

Dark Fiery Aeralfos

Hyrule Warriors Enforcers Dark Fiery Aeralfos (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Fiery Aeralfos from Hyrule Warriors

Dark Fiery Aeralfos are a Dark shadowy variant of Fiery Aeralfos that appear as enemies in Adventure Mode. They have the same weaknesses and Material drops as Fiery Aeralfos.

Material Drops

Hyrule Warriors Materials Fiery Aeralfos Leather (Bronze Material drop)
Hyrule Warriors Materials Fiery Aeralfos Wing (Silver Material drop)


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