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The Fierce Deity's Mask (Japanese: 鬼神の仮面 Kijin no Kamen), is the final transformation mask Link can obtain in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. When Link dons the mask, he transforms into an extremely powerful figure called Fierce Deity Link with enhanced abilities and powers. While wearing the mask, Link is limited to wielding a giant, two-handed sword that is capable of firing beams of magical energy at targeted enemies.

The child representing Majora's Mask on the moon gives Link the mask after he gives away all his basic masks to the four children also present on the moon. The Fierce Deity's Mask could be used to vanquish the evil of Majora's Mask.

Due to its immense power, the mask can only be worn in confrontations against bosses. Otherwise, it is not normally available for use, much like the Giant's Mask, unless the player applies glitches to the game.

The Fierce Deity's Mask makes an appearance in Manga adaption of Majora's Mask, where the psychotic Majora gives the mask to Link. Although he's warned not put the mask on, Link is far too disgusted by Majora's evil to listen. After putting on the mask, Link attacks and effortlessly kills each of the moon kids (each one was wearing a boss mask), and after a brief battle with Majora (in which Majora does land one attack one Link, but the attack has no effect him), Link kills it with one swing. Despite warnings from others, wearing the mask didn't have any effects on Link's personality, other then making him appear somewhat more aggressive, since he attacks the moon kids no provocation.

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