"A priest living in Minish Village. He speaks some human languages. He sees that Link is human with one look. He's a bit of a human enthusiast."

Festari is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. He is a Minish priest and one of the few of his race who speak the Hylian Language. He is also available for a Kinstone fusion.


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Link meets Festari in Minish Woods while on his quest to gather the first of the Four Elements. Festari is surprised to see a Hylian in their midst, but helps out the adventurer. He tells Link that in order to understand the Language of the Minish, he must find a Jabber Nut that is somewhere in the village. Link finds the Jabber Nut in the Barrel House where Pico Blooms are grown, and he eats it, enabling him to understand the language. Link meets with the the Minish Elder, Gentari, who allows Link to enter the Deepwood Shrine by way of a backdoor in Festari's abbey.

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