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Ferrus's Rules of the Rails are a set of rules that instruct Link on how to properly drive a Spirit Train while carrying passengers in Spirit Tracks. These rules are first conveyed orally by Ferrus near the Station at the Bridge Worker's Home, before Link embarks with his first passenger, Kenzo. These rules can be found written on papers tacked on the walls of Ferrus's home at Wellspring Station.

Rules of the Rails[]

Rules of the Rails 2

Rule Two of the Rails

Rules of the Rails 3

Rule Three of the Rails

Rule One of the Rails[]

Quote1 If you see a whistle sign, pull your train whistle before you pass the sign. And put some real feeling into it! Quote2
— Ferrus

Rule Two of the Rails[]

Quote1 When you see a slow-down sign, check your speed and drive in the lower gear. When you've passed the slow-down sign, shift back into high gear as before. Do this smoothly. It should be like second nature. Quote2
— Ferrus

Rule Three of the Rails[]

Quote1 When pulling into a station, don't stop beyond the stop zone. You don't want your passengers to panic and think you forgot their stop. That would be inexcusable! Give them a first-class experience. Quote2
— Ferrus

Rule Four of the Rails[]

Quote1 You'll scare and endanger your passengers if you reverse suddenly. Transport them delicately, as if they were glasses of water filled to the brim... Because what is done cannot be undone. Quote2
— Ferrus

Locomotive Musings by Ferrus[]

ST Ferrus Spacetime Gates

Ferrus's Locomotive Musings on Spacetime Gates

The four rules of the rails are accompanied by Ferrus's musings on Spacetime Gates, which unwittingly provide Link with information on how to use the Warping devices for himself.

Quote1 You know those archway-gate things you see on the rails sometimes? Who MADE them? WHEN? And WHYYYY? I was up all night pondering these questions, but I worked out a hypothesis. I think you can use them to break the space-time continuum! Cool, huh! There seem to be two types of these space-time gates.
I'm pretty sure you can use both of them to warp to and from places. One type has a triangle at the top of the arch, and the other doesn't. I think they work in pairs and that hitting the triangle does something. I tried throwing rocks at a gate triangle to the south of Anouki Village... But bummer of all bummers, I couldn't reach it. I guess my arm is too weak. That's why I'm starting a new push-up regimen until I can hit the darn thing!
— Ferrus