"A mean-lookin' train's been spotted around the fields to the east. Me, I'm no fan of high-speed danger. But this kook who lives out there is excited about the whole thing. The guy's name is Ferrus, and he just goes gaga over all trains. What a weirdo."

Ferrus (テツオ Tetsuo?) is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Ferrus is an adept photographer, as well as a train connoisseur; he combines both of his interests by taking pictures of trains in action. His house, being a disconnected train car, can be found at Wellspring Station in the Snow Realm. On the walls of his house, information regarding railroad travel can be found.


Spirit Tracks Credits Artwork 10

Artwork of Ferrus

After meeting him, Ferrus sends Link a letter asking him to come to his home and take him to a certain destination. The destinations are Aboda Village, to see his idol Alfonzo (which grants Link another force gem that uncovers the upper region of the Forest Realm map to the left of Castle Town), and the Ocean Temple. Link can get three letters in total from Ferrus, as long as the request in the letter previously received has been completed. Link can get Treasures for transporting Ferrus. In order to pick up Ferrus though, Link must discern the location of Ferrus from a picture sent to him with each letter. Once locating Ferrus, Link must stop the train in front of him. Humorously enough, if Link shoots his cannon towards Ferrus, he will jump.


Ferrus' name could be derived from the word "Ferrous", which is the adjective for iron, or the term ferrum. This is likely due to the fact that many Spirit Tracks characters are named in relation to trains.

His Japanese name, Tetsuo, contains the word Testu meaning Iron.

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