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"Your smell... It's so familiar... It smells a bit like a green-clad prince who helped me out once!"
— Female monkey

The Female Monkey is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is a Monkey who looks different from all the others in the game, as she wears a pink rose on her head.


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When first seen, the Female Monkey has stolen Uli's cradle. Link must retrieve it by summoning a Hawk with the use of Hawk Grass. After this, the monkey appears again after Link receives the Wooden Sword from Rusl. The children of Ordon Village recognize her as the trouble-making monkey from earlier, and they chase her into Faron Woods. When Link catches up with them, he finds the Monkey and Talo locked in a wooden cage outside the Forest Temple. Link defeats the two Bokoblins guarding the cage, and frees the two captives. While returning to Ordon Village, Talo tells Link how the monkey tried to protect him from the monsters.

When Faron Province becomes covered in Twilight, the Monkey is seen again, being harassed by two Shadow Insects. After they are defeated, the Monkey questions where they went and links the strange events to "the boss going funny in the head."

During Link's trek to the Forest Temple, the Monkey steals his Lantern and guides him across the poison-filled swamp. After this, she runs into the Forest Temple and is taken captive once again. After Link rescues her, she leads him to the other Monkeys imprisoned in the Temple. Midna does not seem to like the monkey; she claims she is annoying and is irritated the monkey only wanted Link to help save her friends.

Later in Link's quest, when he is searching for the Sacred Grove, the Female Monkey is attacked by a group of Puppets. If Link defeats them in his wolf form, she tells him where to find the Sacred Grove. If talked to again, she remarks how Wolf Link smells like the "green-clad prince" who aided her before.

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