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Farore's Memory is a recurring Object in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed][1]

Location and Uses[]

The book is located within the Hall of Secrets, used by Farore to record Secrets (represented by passwords) between a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

Farore's Memory 3

Reading Farore's Memory.

Linked Game[]

Main article: Linked Game

After completing Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons, Link obtains a password called the "Holodrum Secret", which will allow him to continue the adventure in Oracle of Seasons as a Linked Game instead of as a separate game. In a Linked Game, Link will meet certain people who will tell him secrets (in the form of passwords composed of five random characters). These secrets must, in turn, be told to a specific individual back in the completed Oracle of Ages file. Once Link does so, he will receive a reward in the form of an item that cannot otherwise be obtained in a non-linked game. These kinds of items include more powerful swords and shields, new rings, and much more. The individual who gives Link the reward will also provide Link with another secret which will allow him to carry that item back into the linked Seasons game. The secret is brought to Farore in the Hall of Secrets in the linked Seasons game file (in the opposite game where the "return-secret" is obtained). The reverse is also possible (completing Seasons first to obtain the "Labrynna Secret" to begin a linked Ages file in which secrets can be found and transferred to the completed Seasons file and back to the linked Ages file).

Recording Secrets[]

As Link obtains secrets, they are automatically recorded in Farore's Memory in the same game in which they are obtained. For example, the Holodrum Secret, obtained in Labrynna, will be the first secret to appear on Farore's Memory in Oracle of Ages. Farore's Memory will record every secret Link obtains, including the Ring Secret obtained from the Red Snake at Vasu Jewelers. Thus, Link can consult Farore's Memory before bringing the secrets from the linked game file to the completed game file, where they can be used. Return-secrets, obtained in the completed game to be brought to Farore in the linked game, are recorded in the completed game.

Secrets recorded in Farore's Memory are given names according to the recipient of the first secret. For example, in a linked Oracle of Seasons, a secret is obtained from a Zora which must be told to King Zora in Oracle of Ages; the secret is recorded as "King Zora Secret" in Farore's Memory. Both the secret (obtained in the linked game) and the return-secret (obtained in the completed game), will be registered under the same name in the Farore's Memory of their respective games. Thus, one would find entries for "King Zora Secret" in the Farore's Memory of both games. However, the entry in the linked Seasons file would show the password representing the secret obtained from the Zora for King Zora, whereas the entry in the completed Ages file would show the password representing the return-secret obtained from the King Zora for Farore.

The secrets obtained in a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons and a completed file of Oracle of Ages are listed in Farore's Memory as follows:

The secrets obtained in a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages and a completed file of Oracle of Seasons are listed in Farore's Memory as follows:

  • Labrynna Secret (seen only on the completed Seasons file)
  • Ring Secret
  • Clock Shop Secret
  • Smith Secret
  • Pirate Secret
  • Deku Secret
  • Ruul Secret
  • Graveyard Secret
  • Biggoron Secret
  • Subrosian Secret
  • Diver Secret
  • Temple Secret

Note: For a list detailing every secret obtainable in a Linked Game, see Linking Secret.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese フロルのキおく (Furoru no Kioku) Furoru's Memory
French Republic FrenchEU Mémoires de Farore Farore's Memories
Federal Republic of Germany German Farores Wissen
Italian Republic Italian Memoria di Farore Farore's Memory
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Diario de Farore Farore's Diary

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