Faron Spring is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located in Faron Province, it is home to Faron, one of the Light Spirits. This is the second Spirit's Spring that Link visits in the game.

When Link first travels to Faron Spring in his wolf form, Faron tells him that his power was stolen by the Shadow Beasts. Faron then asks Link to retrieve the Tears of Light stolen by the Shadow Insects that are scattered across the province in order to restore his former power. It is here that Link is awakened as the hero chosen by the gods to save Hyrule from eternal twilight.

Fairies will be released to the Faron Spring after the second level of the Cave of Ordeals is passed. A Great Fairy will appear here when the entire cave is completed, allowing Link to have a seemingly endless supply of Great Fairy's Tears, provided he has a spare bottle and is not already in possession of a bottle Great Fairy's Tears.

A deeper part can be found at the left side of the spring. Greengills can be fished for and caught here, but they are no larger or different in any respect from those found in Ordon Village.

Much like the other Spirit Springs, Faron Spring will heal a quarter of a heart every second.

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