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Faron Grasslands is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Faron Grasslands are located in Faron.

Barula Plain

Main article: Barula Plain

Damel Forest

Main article: Damel Forest

Darybon Plains

Main article: Darybon Plains

Dracozu Lake

Main article: Dracozu Lake

Dracozu River

Main article: Dracozu River

Faron Highroad

Main article: Faron Highroad

Faron Woods

Main article: Faron Woods

Floria River

Main article: Floria River

Fural Plain

Main article: Fural Plain

Grinnden Plains

Main article: Grinnden Plains

Guchini Plain

Main article: Guchini Plain

Guchini Plain Barrows

Main article: Guchini Plain Barrows

Haran Lake

Main article: Haran Lake

Harfin Valley

Main article: Harfin Valley

Harker Lake

Main article: Harker Lake

Herin Lake

Main article: Herin Lake

Highland Stable

Main article: Highland Stable

Horse God Bridge

Main article: Horse God Bridge

Ibara Butte

Main article: Ibara Butte

Komo Shoreline

Main article: Komo Shoreline

Lake of the Horse God

Main article: Lake of the Horse God

Lake Tower

Main article: Lake Tower

Laverra Beach

Main article: Laverra Beach

Laverra Beach borders the Faron Sea starting from the western side of the Menoat River.

Malanya Spring

Main article: Malanya Spring

Mount Faloraa

Main article: Mount Faloraa

Mounted Archery Camp

Main article: Mounted Archery Camp

Nette Plateau

Main article: Nette Plateau

Pagos Woods

Main article: Pagos Woods

Pappetto Grove

Main article: Pappetto Grove

Parache Plains

Main article: Parache Plains

Puffer Beach

Main article: Puffer Beach

Sarjon Woods

Main article: Sarjon Woods

Spring of Courage

Main article: Spring of Courage

Zokassa Ridge

Main article: Zokassa Ridge

Zonai Ruins

Main article: Zonai Ruins

Ancient Shrines

Shrine Trial Name Location Treasure
Ka'o Makagh Shrine Metal Doors Open the Way Highland Stable Opal
Traveler's Bow
Gold Rupee
Pumaag Nitae Shrine A Minor Test of Strength Faron Grasslands Boomerang
Shae Katha Shrine Shae Katha's Blessing Spring of Courage Thunderspear
Shoqa Tatone Shrine A Modest Test of Strength Puffer Beach Royal Broadsword


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseフィローネ草原 (Firōne Sōgen)Firōne Grasslands
Latin AmericaSpanishLAPradera de Farone[2]Farone Meadow
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