"A valuable and hard-to-catch forest insect that will leap away when in danger."
— In-game description

Faron Grasshoppers are creatures from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They can be found in grass patches throughout Faron Woods.

Faron Grasshoppers are fairly flighty, hopping away if Link draws too close too quickly. The easiest way to catch them is to sneak up on them from behind with the Bug Net raised. Grasshoppers can be crushed if stepped on or rolled over, so Link must be careful not to step on them. Grasshoppers are also in danger of killing themselves by hopping into water or over a ledge.

Faron Grasshoppers can be found throughout Faron Province. They can be found under Pots inside the Sealed Temple, in the Sealed Grounds behind the Temple under rocks, Floria Waterfall, and under fruit in the Deep Woods, in addition to Faron Woods itself.

Like the other insects in the game, Faron Grasshoppers are a Potion Infusion component, used by Bertie to upgrade the stock potions Luv sells at the Skyloft Bazaar. Grasshoppers are one ingredient in the Stamina Potion and the Guardian Potion upgrades.

Strich will buy Link's excess Grasshoppers for 40 Rupees each at night, in his room at the Knight Academy.

According to their in-game description that Link receives after catching one, it is said that these bugs reproduce in massive numbers once every 10 years eating every plant in sight, indicating that they are locusts (swarming grasshoppers).

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